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Milind Soman

Milind Soman is an Indian supermodel, film producer and fitness promoter. Soman was born in Scotland, his family moved to England where he lived until the age of seven his family moved back to Mumbai, India in 1973. He attended Jr.. College of Commerce, Mumbai. Soman was enrolled in an Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh's'shakha' by his father, when he was 10 years old, he completed his Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Milind Soman met Mylene Jampanoi, a French actress, on the sets of their 2006 film, Valley of Flowers; the couple married in July 2006 at a resort in Goa. Milind and Mylene decided to part ways in 2008; the couple divorced in 2009. He married Ankita Konwar on 22 April 2018 in Alibaug. Though Soman has an engineering diploma, he did not see himself making money out of it. Hence, he turned to modelling in 1988. Soman featured in Alisha Chinai's music video, Made in India. In the mid-1990s after some time working as a model, he took the lead role in the Indian science fiction TV Series Captain Vyom and played part in Sea Hawks.

He focused on films starting in 2000. Soman's films include 16 December, Pachaikili Muthucharam, Agni Varsha and Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula. In 2007 he appeared in Say Salaam India and Bheja Fry. In 2009 he acted in Sachin Kundalkar's Marathi film Gandha, he has acted in a number of English language and other foreign language films and television series, including Valley of Flowers and The Flag. In the Swedish film Arn – The Knight Templar he portrayed Saladin, the revered 12th-century Kurdish leader of the Arabs and Muslims, he was seen in a character role in the 2016 Hindi film Bajirao Mastani. Soman was the producer of the Hindi film Rules: Pyaar Ka Superhit Formula, he has produced a children's television serial called Ghost Bana Dost. In 2010, he participated, he came in fourth position. Soman starred in Jodi Breakers in 2012. On 20 May 2012 he became a Limca Record holder for running 1,500 km in 30 days for Greenathon, NDTV to spread environmental awareness; the same year the country's largest'women's only' running event Pinkathon was set up under his guidance, to promote good health and breast cancer awareness amongst women.

Milind is an avid sportsman. He started swimming at age of 6 and he has been an international level swimmer, he started representing Maharashtra from the age of 10 at various age groups before going on to represent his state at senior level where he went on to hold the national swimming championship title for four consecutive years before giving up competitive swimming in 1988. Soman represented India in swimming in the inaugural South Asian Games in 1984 held at Kathmandu where he won a Silver medal. In India, he has been a Limca record holder for running 1,500 km in 30 days time, for greenathon and the ambassador of Pinkathon, India's biggest'women only' marathon. In 2015, Milind completed the Ironman challenge in his first try; the triathlon includes a 3.8-km swim, a 180.2-km cycle ride and 42.2-km run raced in that order without a break which the participants are required to complete within 17 hours to win the title of'Ironman'. The title'Ironman' is given to every person. In 2017 he completed the Ultrathon in Florida that required covering a distance of 520 km in 3 days.

A 10-kilometre swim and a 148-kilometre bike ride comprised the first day, while the second day involved a 276-kilometre bike ride. On the third and final day of the race, Soman completed an 84-kilometre run, he was the only participant to have completed bare foot. Milind Soman and his then-girlfriend, Madhu Sapre, an ex-Miss India and model, attracted controversy in India, when the pair posed nude in a print ad for Tuffs Shoes; the social service branch of the Mumbai police had registered a case in August 1995 after Sapre and Soman posed in the nude, wearing only shoes and a python wrapped around them. Another case was filed under the Wildlife Protection Act against the advertising agency for illegal use of the python; the accused include the publishers and distributors of two magazines that featured the controversial ad, the advertising agency, the two models and the photographers. The case dragged on for 14 years. Milind Soman on IMDb

Team Long Track World Championship

The FIM Team Long Track World Championship is an annual long track motorcycle racing event since 2007 organized by the International Motorcycling Federation. The championship has been dominated by Germany in recent championships; the 2018 champions are France. The 6 competing teams shall each consist of 4 riders: 3 riders having programmed rides and the fourth rider being a team reserve rider, as follows: Team A: 1, 2, 3, 19 Team B: 4, 5, 6, 20 Team C: 7, 8, 9, 21 Team D: 10, 11, 12, 22 Team E: 13, 14, 15, 23 Team F: 16, 17, 18, 24The team reserve rider may take the place of any programmed rider, at any time, within the maximum number of permitted heats The riders of each team must have the same nationality as the national federation which has nominated them. Two teams meet in each heat. Heats will consist of 4 laps; the starting positions draw for each team will be balloted by the CCP. Heats 1 to 15 are called Qualifying Heats and must be conducted according to the following schedule of heats.

After heat 15 there will be an intermediate classification to decide the teams in the Final heats. The points scored in the first 15 heats do not count towards the final classification. There will be three Final heats: an A Final for the first and second placed points scoring teams, a B Final for the third and fourth placed points scoring teams and a C Final for the fifth and sixth placed teams in the intermediate classification. Points scored in the Final heats by each single rider of a Team will be added to determine the first and second Team of that Final. Start positions for the teams will be balloted for the Finals with two possibilities for position: one, five or two, six. Travel expenses, as well as long distance and ferry costs are included in the scale of expense reimbursement for each Championship meeting. All amounts indicated in the scale of reimbursement are net amounts. All amounts can only be paid to the teams in Euro, Swiss franc, United States dollar or Pound sterling. Individual Long Track World Championship

John F. Auer

John F. Auer was a sailor in the United States Navy, one of 193 people received the Medal of Honor in non-combat events, a practice no longer authorized by law, one of only 3,449 recipients of the award. Auer was born in 1866 in Nyack, New York, the fifth of five children of Joseph Auer, a stable owner and harness maker; when he was sixteen years old, Auer joined the United States Navy because he wanted to see the world. After completing basic training he was assigned to the USS Lancaster, the flagship of the European Squadron as a Seaman Apprentice. On November 20, 1883, while the Lancaster was in port in Marseille, France, a young Frenchman, on a stone pier astern of the Lancaster fell overboard, disappeared below the water twice. Seeing him, realizing that the boy could not swim, Auer jumped into the water together with Boatswain's Mate Matthew Gillick, they were able to rescue the boy. For their heroism, both Auer and Gillick were awarded the United States' highest military decoration for gallantry, the Medal of Honor, on February 2, 1884.

Before Seaman Auer left the Navy, the medal was stolen, though he wore the ribbon until his final years. Auer served in the Navy for five years, he worked as a letter carrier at Nyack's post office, kept the same route for over twenty years. Auer died on March 28, 1951, was survived by his two sons and his wife Eva Kathrine, who died a month later, they were both buried at Oak Hill Cemetery in Nyack. His grave can be found in section K, lot 139. Rank and organization: Ordinary Seaman Apprentice, U. S. Navy. Born: 1866, New York. Accredited to: New York. Citation: On board the U. S. S. Lancaster, France, 20 November 1883. Jumping overboard, Auer rescued from drowning a French lad who had fallen into the sea from a stone pier astern of the ship. List of Medal of Honor recipients in non-combat incidents "John F. Auer". Hall of Valor. Military Times. Retrieved 2009-12-18

Joan Hastings

Joan Margaret Monahan was a New Zealand swimmer and school teacher. Born in 1925, Hastings was educated at Auckland Girls' Grammar School and Auckland University College, from where she graduated Master of Science with first-class honours in 1950, her thesis was titled A fungal disease of Meryta sinclairii. At the 1950 British Empire Games she won the silver medal as part of the women's 440 yard freestyle relay, her teammates in the relay were Winifred Griffin and Kristin Jacobi. She worked as a botanist at the Forest Research Institute, returned to teach at Auckland Girls' Grammar School, she retired as head of science there in 1979. In her years, Hastings was active in Masters swimming, broke several world Masters records, including the 1500 m world record for the 60–64 years category in 1987, numerous New Zealand Masters records

Stigmella centifoliella

Stigmella centifoliella is a moth of the family Nepticulidae. It is found from Scandinavia to the Iberian Peninsula, Italy and Greece, from Great Britain to Ukraine, it is present in North Africa. The wingspan is 4–6 mm; the head is ferruginous-orange, collar light yellowish. Antennal eyecaps ochreous-whitish. Forewings rather dark fuscous tinged with bronze or purple. Hindwings grey. Adults are on wing from July to October; the larvae feed on Rosa acicularis, Rosa × bifera, Rosa canina, Rosa centifolia, Rosa glauca, Rosa'Hybrida', Rosa jundzillii, Rosa majalis, Rosa multiflora, Rosa pendulina, Rosa phoenicea, Rosa pimpinellifolia, Rosa rubiginosa, Rosa soulieana, Rosa tomentosa, Rosa wichuriana, Sanguisorba hybrida, Sanguisorba minor and Sanguisorba officinalis. Larvae have been reared from Alchemilla species, they mine the leaves of their host plant. The mine consists of a long sinuous gallery with a hairpin turn; the frass in the first part of the corridor is concentrated in a central line, leaving a clear zone at either side.

Fauna Europaea Swedish moths Stigmella centifoliella images at Consortium for the Barcode of Life