Kooralbyn International School

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The Kooralbyn International School

Coordinates28°05′39″S 152°50′35″E / 28.0942°S 152.8431°E / -28.0942; 152.8431Coordinates: 28°05′39″S 152°50′35″E / 28.0942°S 152.8431°E / -28.0942; 152.8431
TypeP - 12 Co-educational
MottoLatin: Absol Fiducia
(Believe in yourself)
Established1985 (original)
Staff34 teachers
Enrollment285 (2017)
Colour(s)Maroon, grey, white

The Kooralbyn International School (TKIS) is an independent, co-educational, boarding and day school, located in Kooralbyn, about 64 km south of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. In 2007 and again in 2009, the school was ranked in the Top 20 schools in the state (Queensland) for Year 12 OP results with 89% and 100% of its Year 12 students obtaining an OP1-15 in those respective years. A small school, it manages to produce a high percentage of successful students particularly in sporting endeavours like golf, athletics and equestrian events. TKIS is the only school in Australia to have produced two Young Australian of the Year recipients (Cathy Freeman and Scott Hocknull).


The school was founded in 1985, at a site on the banks of Cannon Creek now known as the 'Lower campus'. However, in the mid-1990s, it was largely relocated to a nearby hillside after flooding incidents in 1990[1] and 1991 caused extensive damage to the school.[2] A wooden pillar from one of the school's original buildings still stands on the grounds, as a monument to these events.

The original TKIS closed in 2002 due to funding issues.[3] In 2004 TKIS was re-opened with a new Board, Principal (Geoff Mills), new staff and new financial backing, to continue the philosophy and ethos of: 'self belief and a pursuit of excellence' that was created by the school's founders.

Former school principal of the original school Bryan Andrew and other senior staff members are also responsible for the creation of the Spring Hill-based company 'International Education Services' (IES); this company has, since 1998 successfully run the University of Queensland's Foundation Year program in Spring Hill.[4]

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