Koritnica (river)

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Koritnica River Slovenia.jpg
Country Slovenia
Physical characteristics
Main source Julian Alps, south of Mount Mangart
River mouth Soča River, southeast of Bovec
46°19′48.74″N 13°34′31.67″E / 46.3302056°N 13.5754639°E / 46.3302056; 13.5754639Coordinates: 46°19′48.74″N 13°34′31.67″E / 46.3302056°N 13.5754639°E / 46.3302056; 13.5754639
Basin features
Progression SočaAdriatic Sea

The Koritnica (pronounced [kɔˈɾiːtnitsa]; Italian: Coritenza[1]), with a length slightly over 16 kilometers (9.9 mi), is a right tributary of the Soča River.[2] It flows west through the Log Koritnica Valley (Slovene: Loška Koritnica) south of Mount Mangart and then turns south near Log pod Mangartom, flowing past the Kluže Fortress and through the 70-meter (230 ft) deep and 200-meter (660 ft) long Kluže Canyon (korita Kluže), also known as the Koritnica Canyon (korita Koritnice).[3] It empties into the Soča southeast of Bovec.

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