Kozhikkode lighthouse

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Kozhikkode lighthouse
കോഴിക്കോട് വിളക്കുമാടം പടിഞ്ഞാറുനിന്നുള്ള ദൃശ്യം.jpg
Kozhikkode lighthouse in 2012
Kozhikkode lighthouseCalicut is located in Kerala
Kozhikkode lighthouseCalicut
Kozhikkode lighthouse
Location Kerala, India Edit this at Wikidata
Coordinates 11°15′30″N 75°46′09″E / 11.258460°N 75.769189°E / 11.258460; 75.769189Coordinates: 11°15′30″N 75°46′09″E / 11.258460°N 75.769189°E / 11.258460; 75.769189
Year first constructed 1847 (first)
Year first lit 1907 (current)
Construction masonry tower
Tower shape cylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern white tower and lantern
Height 15 metres (49 ft) (current)
33 metres (108 ft) (first)
Focal height 17 metres (56 ft)
Light source mains power
Characteristic Fl (2) W 6 s
Admiralty number F0686
NGA number 27640
ARLHS number IND-097[1]

Kozhikkode lighthouse is a now defunct light situated in the Kozhikkode district of Kerala. It was constructed in 1907. The first lighthouse was constructed in 1847 at a height of 33 meters. The current tower is 15 meters and is painted white.[2] Kozhikode or Calicut lighthouse is automated and an LED flasher apparatus is in use.


In 1847, a 30-meter tower was erected using stones in lime mortar. The light was a fixed one with wick lamp using coconut oil and a metal reflector was placed on back of it. The light was improved in 1881 using a fourth order fixed optic transferred from Armagon lighthouse. Mr. Ashpitel, an engineer with Public works department, who was deputed to study on lighthouses in Madras Presidency in 1885, recommended to reduce the height of tower to improve the efficiency of light.A new tower 15 meter high was erected in 1903 and using the available optic and an occulting mechanism imported from England, the light was converted from fixed to occulting. Further modifications were done in 1924 by converting the light to a flashing one using acetylene gas flasher. The light was converted to LED flashing light using solar energy in 2008.

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