Krapf's Transit

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Krapf's Transit
Krapf's A bus at the Exton Transportation Center
Founded 1942[1]
Headquarters West Chester, Pennsylvania
Service area Delaware Valley
Service type public transit operator
Fleet buses
Fuel type Diesel, hybrid diesel electric

Krapf's Transit is a public transportation operator serving the Delaware Valley. The company currently operates routes for SEPTA, TMACC, and Philadelphia's PHLASH.[2] The business is multifaceted to include school buses, mass transit, and charter bus services.[3] In 2016, Krapf's purchased two 2016 MCIJ 4500 buses.[4]

Currently, Krapf's operates the following routes:

  • SEPTA Routes 204 and 205[5][6]
  • TMACC Route "A" (formerly SEPTA Route 120) - linking Coateville with West Chester and Exton
  • TMACC Coatesville Link
  • TMACC SCCOOT - Oxford and West Chester[7]
  • Navy Yard Express - between Center City, Philadelphia and the Naval Yard[8]
  • Rover Community Transportation - an on demand bus service for senior citizens[9] In 2012, the service provided 30,400 rides for 157 registered riders[10] The service is only available to seniors 65 years of age or older.[11] The buses operate under the "Aging Shared Rider Program" in Chester County.[12][13]
  • Casino Line - services to Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Philadelphia PHLASH


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