Kritonios Crown

The Kritonios Crown is an ancient ornate golden crown or wreath dating to the 4th century BC. It was discovered in 1814 in the tomb of a man named Kritonios in Italy. A twig of oaks forms the base, from which elements with chalices of blue enamel protrude, with intertwined patterns of convolvulus, ivy and myrtle; the top features an image of winged goddess. The pedestal on which the goddess stands bears a Greek inscription ΚΡEΙΘΩNIOΣ HΘHKH TON ETHΦANON (Kritonios dedicated this crown}. Four male genii and two draped female figures float over the flowers; the errors in the inscription on the crown indicate the work of a Lucanian artist who studied at Heraclea or Taranto. The style of the headgear's figures indicate a date around 350 BC; the crown is housed in the Staatliche Antikensammlungen, Germany

Akhund Azaz Allah Muttalawi

Akhund Azaz Allah Muttalawi was a Muslim theologian from Sindh. Akhund Azaz is considered to be the first person who translated the Quran from the Arabic to the Sindhi. According to Sindhi tradition the first translation was made by in 270 AH / 883 CE by an Arab scholar; this one might be the same as the one mentioned above. The first extant Sindhi translation was done by Akhund'Azaz Allah Mutta'lawi and first published in Gujrat in 1870; the first to appear in print was by Muhammad Siddiq. First translation of Quran to any other language was in Persian by Salman the Parsi and in Greek in 8th century it was translated t in Sindhi language by Imam Abul Hassan bin Mohammad Sadiq Al-Sindhi Al-Ma Maulana Abdul Waheed Jan Sirhindi, a contemporary scholar and writer of Sunni Islam. Prof. Mir Muhammad Soomro wrote a Tafseer Riyaz-ul-Qur'an in Sindhi language on this translation. Allama Ali Khan Abro, wrote Sindhi translation of Quran and intended to give the Qur'an a practical contemporary interpretation wrote separate translation for non-Muslims from the request of Sindh's great freedom fighter Maulana Taj Mohammad Amrothi.

Allama Makhdoom Muhammad Hashim Thattvi Maulana Ghullam Mustafa Qasmi's Sindhi Translation of the Quran. Maulvi Ahmad Mallah's poetic Sindhi Translation of the Quran. Maulana Abdul Karim Qureshi of Bair Shareef District Kambar Shahdadkot- Sindhi Translation of the Quran. Maulana Taj Mohammad Amroti's Sindhi Translation of the Quran. Prof. Dr Amir Bakhsh Channa's Sindhi Translation of the Quran; the latest Sindhi Quran Turjuma and Tafsir in 9 Volumes by Allama Al Haj Molana Muhammad Idrees Dahri List of translations of the QuranThe latest Sindhi Quran Turjuma and Tafsir in 9 Volumes by Allama Al Haj Molana Muhammad Idrees Dahri

List of diplomatic missions in Los Angeles

This is a list of diplomatic missions in Los Angeles. Many foreign governments have established diplomatic and trade representation in the city of Los Angeles, California. Most of them are at the Consulate-General level. In addition, Los Angeles has a number of honorary consulates; this list is associated with the Los Angeles Consular Corps. The Los Angeles County Office of Protocol lists the following Consulates General: The Netherlands and Sweden used to have consulates in Los Angeles, but they were closed in 2009. Barbados once had a consulate, but it has been inactive since 2005; the Armenian Consulate is located in Glendale due to that city's significant Armenian population. New Zealand and Uruguay's consulates operate out of Santa Monica. Los Angeles has a number of honorary consulates. Many of them are from smaller African, European, or Pacific countries that do not have full consulates. India Kazakhstan Luxembourg Mongolia Netherlands Norway Portugal Russia Singapore Tonga Ukraine "LACC website".

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