Kuwait Governorate

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Coordinates: 29°30′N 45°45′E / 29.500°N 45.750°E / 29.500; 45.750

Kuwait Governorate
محافظة الكويت
Governorate of Iraq

Location of Iraqi-invaded Kuwait
Government Governorate of Iraq (de jure)
Military occupation (de facto)
 •  1990–91 Ali Hassan al-Majid
Historical era Gulf War
 •  Republic of Kuwait annexed by Iraq 28 August 1990
 •  Liberation of Kuwait 26 February 1991

The Kuwait Governorate (Arabic: محافظة الكويت‎) was the 19th governorate of Iraq established in the aftermath of the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq in 1990. It was preceded by the brief puppet state of the Republic of Kuwait. The Kuwait Governorate consisted of most of the occupied Kuwaiti territory, with the exclusion of the northern areas which became the Saddamiyat al-Mitla' District.

Iraq's refusal to withdraw from Kuwait led to the Gulf War and the eventual return of the pre-occupation Kuwaiti government on 26 February 1991.