Léhady Soglo

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Léhady Vinagnon Soglo (born December 18, 1960) is a Beninese politician.

Born in Paris, Soglo is the son of Nicéphore Soglo, who was President of Benin from 1991 to 1996, he was the candidate of the Benin Rebirth Party (RB) in the March 2006 presidential election, in which his father was barred from running due to a maximum age limit on candidates. He is an economist by training, with a degree from the University of Montréal.

In the March 2007 parliamentary election, he was elected to the National Assembly of Benin as a candidate of the Alliance for a Dynamic Democracy, which included the RB.[1]

After serving as his father's deputy while the latter was Mayor of Cotonou, Léhady Soglo succeeded his father as Mayor on 14 August 2015.[2]


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