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The Løvenborg building

Løvenborg is a listed property on Vesterbrogade in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. It is the earliest example of Art Nouveau architecture in Denmark and also contains the first elevator in the country.[1] The small Savoy Hotel is located in its rear wing.


Architectural rendering

The building was completed in 1906 to designs by Anton Rosen. It originally contained a cinema and a shop in the ground floor, commercial space in the middle floors, a residence on the 4th floor and a seamstress in the attic.[2]

The building was acquired by the Bygningsbevaringsfonden in 1995. It was subsequently restored and refurbished with the assistance of Erik Møller Arkitekter. It received the Europa Nostra Award in 2003.[3]

The building has later been acquired by the Margot and Thorvald Dreyer Foundation.


Detail from Løvenborg's facade

The building was in several ways a novelty at the time of its construction. It is the first example of the Art Nouveau style in Denmark, Rosen being its main proponent in the country. The facade is richly decorated. Not part of the supporting structure, it is the first example of a curtain wall in Denmark. Still fully functioning, Løvenborg also features the first elevator in Denmark.[4] The building was listed in 1985.[5]

Hotel Savoy[edit]

Hotel Savoy has 66 rooms in the rear wing.

Further reading[edit]

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