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L. Dean James (born 1947) is an American fantasy and horror writer. Her novel Winter Scream, co-authored with Chris Curry, was nominated for the 1991 Bram Stoker Award for Best First Novel.[1]


All works are listed chronologically.


  • Sorcerer's Stone (1991, TSR, ISBN 1-56076-074-5)
  • Winter Scream (1991, Pocket, ISBN 0-671-68433-7, coauthored with Chris Curry)
  • Kingslayer (1992, TSR, ISBN 1-56076-398-1)
  • The Book of Stones (1993, TSR, ISBN 0-09-931701-X (UK), ISBN 978-1-56076-639-1 (US))
  • Summerland (1994, Avon, ISBN 978-0-380-77325-1)
  • Mojave Wells (1994, Avon, ISBN 0-380-77324-4)
  • Cowgirls of the Mariposa (as Lana Dean James, 1995, Harpercollins, ISBN 0-06-106369-X)



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