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Developer(s) Apple
Initial release 2015
Stable release
lzfse-1.0 / 8 May 2017; 14 months ago (2017-05-08)
Repository lzfse on GitHub
Written in C
Operating system macOS, iOS
Available in C
Type Data compression
License 3-clause New BSD License

LZFSE (Lempel–Ziv Finite State Entropy) is an open source lossless data compression algorithm created by Apple Inc.[1]


The name is an acronym for Lempel–Ziv + Finite State Entropy[2] (implementation of asymmetric numeral systems). LZFSE was introduced by Apple at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2015. It shipped with that year's iOS 9 and OS X 10.11 releases.

Apple claims that LZFSE compresses with a ratio comparable to that of zlib (DEFLATE) and decompresses 2–3x faster while using fewer resources, therefore offering higher energy efficiency. It was aimed for scenarios where decompression speed and rate should be prioritised equally.[2] Part of this energy efficiency was achieved by optimising the algorithm for modern micro-architectures, specifically focusing on arm64.[3]


A reference C library written by Eric Bainville was made available as open source after WWDC 2016.[4]

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