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LA7 logo.png
Launched 24 June 2001
Owned by Cairo Communication
Picture format 576i (SDTV)
1080p (HDTV)
Audience share 3.82% (May 2014, [1])
Slogan Esclusivamente per tutti
Country Italy
Formerly called Telemontecarlo
Sister channel(s) La7d
Digital DVB-T, LCN 7
Digital DVB-T, La7 HD LCN 507
Sky Italia Channel 107
Tivù Sat Channel 7
Channel 097
Channel 208 (digital CH-D)
Channel 219
Channel 94

La7 is an Italian private television channel owned by Cairo Communication. Until 2013 it was owned by Telecom Italia Media and operated by Telecom Italia, the head office is located in Rome.

Signal overspill means that parts of Albania, Croatia, Switzerland, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, the Vatican City and Slovenia also receive La7 broadcasts.


In 2001, Lorenzo Pellicioli and Roberto Colaninno of Telecom Italia announced they had acquired Telemontecarlo, to create a strong competitor against the six other national channels in Italy. Against the initial premises, like the hiring of popular TV hosts, anchors and journalists, La7 ratings and shares were much lower than its major competitors. However, in 2010–2011, the channel began doubling its rates, also thanks to current News director Enrico Mentana and his news program TG La7.
On March 4, 2013, it was announced the acquisition by Urbano Cairo's Cairo Editore.[2] The sale was effective from April 30, 2013.



  • G'Day with Geppi Cucciari, evening comedy show, airing at 19:20 every weekday;
  • (ah)iPiroso with Antonello Piroso, former La7 News & Sports director, and former tennis player Adriano Panatta, and writer Fulvio Abbate; It airs every weekday (late night show);
  • 25a Ora – Il Cinema Espanso (hosted by Davide Dileo, founder of Subsonica); it airs at about midnight on Fridays and Saturdays;
  • Italialand Nuove attrazioni, comedy show hosted by Maurizio Crozza, airing every Friday at 21:10;
  • I Menù di Benedetta, cooking show hosted by Benedetta Parodi, airing at 12:25 every weekday;
  • Interno Giorno, afternoon movie block, airing old Italian and US movies every weekday at 14:00;
  • La Valigia dei Sogni, weekend and summer late night movie block; the movie is introduced by Simone Annichiarico; from July to August 2011 it will be airing on Monday nights at 21:10;
  • Ma anche no, an Italian entertainment television news program hosted by Antonello Piroso, airing every Sunday at 14:05;
  • Chef per un Giorno, celebrity cooking talent show hosted by professional chefs Sergio Maria Teutonico, Maurizio Di Mario, Velia De Angelis and Alessio Pizzi, airing every weekend;

Talk shows[edit]

  • Le Invasioni Barbariche, with Daria Bignardi;
  • Coffee Break, daily morning talk show hosted by Tiziana Panella and Enrico Vaime; weather reports are narrated by meteorologist Paolo Sottocorona.

News programs[edit]

  • TG La7, main news program, directed by Enrico Mentana;
  • Omnibus, morning news block hosted by TG La7 anchorpersons Manuela Ferri, Edgardo Gulotta, Andrea Molino, Andrea Pancani and Alessandra Sardoni; weather forecasts are presented by meteorologist Paolo Sottocorona;
  • Gli Intoccabili, with Gianluigi Nuzzi every Wednesday at 23:10;
  • L'Infedele, Monday night review with Gad Lerner;
  • Otto e mezzo, access prime time information program hosted by Lilli Gruber, airing every weekday at 20:35 after TG La7; in Summer time it is substituted by In Onda;
  • In Onda access prime time information program hosted by journalists Luca Telese and Nicola Porro, airing every weekend at 20:35 after TG La7; in Summer time it substitutes Otto e mezzo every weekday;
  • Piazzapulita Prime time politic talk show directed by Corrado Formigli, airing every Thursday at 21:10 after Otto e mezzo.
  • L'aria che tira, business program hosted by Myrta Merlino;

Cultural programs[edit]

  • Atlantide – Storie di uomini e di mondi, main documentary evening block airing every weekday, hosted by Natasha Lusenti (now by Greta Mauro);
  • Impero, hosted by Valerio Massimo Manfredi;
  • Due minuti Un libro, book-related program hosted by Alain Elkann;
  • Prehistoric Park, documentary;
  • Missione Natura, summer time nature program, hosted by biologist and ornithologist Vincenzo Venuto, with external intervention of herpetologist Austin Stevens.

TV series and miniseries[edit]

Sports events[edit]

Defunct programs[edit]

  • Crozza Italia (known as Italialand in 2011), comedy show hosted by Maurizio Crozza, airing four episodes in May 2011 at 21:10;
  • Cuochi e Fiamme, cooking talent show hosted by professional chef Simone Rugiati, with collaboration of Fiammetta Fadda, Riccardo Rossi and Chiara Maci (as "judges"), airing every weekday (now on La7d);
  • Fratelli e Sorelle d'Italia, comedy and historical show hosted by Veronica Pivetti with collaboration of Carlo Lucarelli, Ascanio Celestini, Paolo Hendel, Virginia Raffaele and Lillo & Greg, airing every Friday night at 21:10;
  • La Gaia Scienza, scientific comedy show hosted by geologist Mario Tozzi and the comedian group Trio Medusa (1 season);
  • Victor Victoria, late night weekday show hosted by Victoria Cabello, Geppi Cucciari, singer Arisa and MelissaP (4 seasons);
  • Stargate – Linea di Confine, documentary series, replaced by Impero (9 seasons);
  • Exit, prime time talk hosted by Ilaria D'Amico (5 seasons);
  • Niente di Personale, with Antonello Piroso;
  • Tetris, prime time talk show hosted by Luca Telese (2 seasons);
  • I Fantastici 5, Italian version of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (1 season);
  • Markette, late night weekday show hosted by Piero Chiambretti (2 seasons);
  • 100%, game show hosted by Gigio D'Ambrosio (1 season); it has been the only game show aired by La7 so far;
  • Altra Storia, history deepening program (5 seasons);
  • Il Processo di Biscardi, sport review program hosted by Aldo Biscardi (now moved on 7 Gold Channel);
  • Wife Swap (4 seasons, now on Fox Life and Cielo);
  • Il Contratto, hosted by Sabrina Nobile, aired until April 2011 every Wednesday night at 21:10;


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