La Cenicienta (TV show)

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La Cenicienta
Created by Nely Galán and Daniela Koverman
Presented by Eva Tamargo Lemus
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) Spanish (English Subtitles)
Executive producer(s) Nely Galán
Original network Telemundo
Original release September 3, 2003 (2003-09-03)

La Cenicienta is one of Telemundo's highest rated telenovelas. It is Telemundo's early entries in reality television. La Cenicienta (Cinderella) creator and executive producer is Nely Galán former President of Telemundo.[1]


Known for its scripted soap operas known as telenovelas, La Cenicienta is unscripted. Popularity of the unscripted La Cenicienta increased to English speaking viewers with Telemundo's introduction of English subtitles. Ms. Minerva Ruvalcaba is herself on La Cenicienta. Ms. Ruvalcaba is a real life Cinderella seeking true love. She is courted by 20 potential Los Pretendientes (The Suitors) of various age, ethnicity, and occupation. In the show, Ms. Ruvalcaba’s dates with the suitors are chaperoned by her Madrina (godmother) Eva Tamargo Lemus. Ms. Lemus is best known in NBC's Passions daytime TV drama. Ms. Ruvalcaba is advised by an astrologer, her two best friends, and a priest in the selection of Prince Charming.[2]

"At the heart of our reality TV is the concept that our audience loves: the love story or the dramatic arc or conflict that is at the heart of telenovela," said Ramon Escobar, executive vice president of programming and production at Telemundo. "Reality has struck a chord because it revolves around human drams and relationships that our audience cares about as well as the aspirational elements that are so popular in our novelas."[3]

La Cenicienta is shot at The Desert Castle in Palm Desert, California.[4]

Los Pretendientes[edit]

Name Age Nationality Occupation
Alonso, Lazaro 27 Cuban-American Marketing Consultant
Biezonsky, Daniel 24 Jewish Mexican Engineer
Borques, Edwin 30 Ecuadorian Scriptwriter
Campos, Luis 27 Costa Rican Finance Director
Coppola, Bernardo 22 Argentinian Student/Actor
Dugan, Joseph 30 Anglo-American Post Production/Editor
Fernandez, Alfredo 26 Mexican-American Financial Analyst/Singer
Huesca, Guillermo 35 Mexican TV Host/Announcer
Javier, Francisco 32 Salvadoran-Mexican Business Owner
Jose Rafael 27 Puerto Rican Writer/Producer
Llobet, Alejandro 29 Spanish Bartender
Martinez, Andres 24 Colombian Architect Student
Martinez, Johnny 27 Cuban-American Scuba Diver
Medrano, Paul 27 Mexican-American Personal Trainer
Ortiz, Roberto 27 Mexican-American Model/Singer
Pack, Ramon 30 Mexican-Cuban-Korean Lawyer
Palma, Pablo 26 Mexican-American School Teacher
Pou, Michael 29 Cuban-American Administrative Asst.
Rodriguez, Fabian 26 Colombian Flight Attendant
Vallarino, Hernan 26 Uruguan Singer

La Cenicienta (Cinderella)[edit]

Ms. Ruvalcaba’s personal journey attracted the attention of Nely Galán. Ms. Galán who is CEO of Galan Entertainment,[5] is creator and executive producer of the modern day Cinderella story.

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Matamoros, Mexico, Ms. Ruvalcaba is the only daughter of Leandro "Chacho" and Minerva Ruvalcaba (mother also named Minerva)'s five children.[6]

La Cenicienta viewers enhanced Ms. Ruvalcaba’s rise in fame and notoriety by continuing their loyal viewership.[7] Overnight from the airing of La Cenicienta, Ms. Ruvalcaba’s rise to fame came along with media and Spanish audience praise. Ms. Ruvalcaba signed with The Carlos Alvarado Agency (now Alvarado Rey Agency) to represent her.[8]

Cinderella Controversy[edit]

Mireya Navarro of The New York Times uncovered Ms. Ruvalcaba’s unpublicized secret. Ms. Ruvalcaba is twice divorced with a daughter.[9]

Ms. Galán confirmed the information.

"That's the scarlet letter -- if you have a kid you're used merchandise," said Nely Galán.[10]

Ms. Ruvalcaba does not comment on The New York Times story.

Over 1.5 million viewers tune in to find out who is Ms. Ruvalcaba's Prince Charming.[11] In the finale of La Cenicienta, Ms. Ruvalcaba chooses Alejandro Llobet as Prince Charming. People Espaňol discovers and reports Ms. Ruvalcaba is linked to telenovela actor Mauricio Islas.[12]

La Cenicienta aired primetime for six weeks. Telemundo dropped English subtitles featured on La Cenicienta. Audience demand forced Telemundo to rescind that decision.

Present Day[edit]

Ms. Ruvalcaba is an entrepreneur who, with her Ex-husband Alex Fernandez, own and operate Nuestronegocio a distribution company. Ms. Ruvalcaba lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her daughter.


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