La Consolacion College – Novaliches

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La Consolacion College - Novaliches.
Philippines North Caloocan, Philippines
Founded February 14, 1995; 23 years ago (1995-02-14)

La Consolacion College – Novaliches (formerly known as La Consolacion College - Deparo), is one of the 24 schools owned and administered by the Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Consolation (ASOLC). It was founded in February 1995 and incorporated by the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 30, 1995, and is the first Catholic Educational Institution in Novaliches.

The LCC-N is also known as LCC-Deparo, but its name was changed into LCC-Novaliches to avoid misconceptions about the difference with the LCC Deparo, Caloocan and the LCC Caloocan (near the City Hall). The LCC-N is a member of the ISBVL or the Inter-School Basketball and Volleyball League.

So far, Sr. Edwarda de San Jose, OSA is the longest-running BED Principal since the institution was founded in 1995. Sister Dora S. Olan-Olan, OSA is the current President who succeeded Sr. Corazon Liwanag, OSA. And 2014 up to now Sr.Ma. Gerolinda C. Tingson, edD is the President Of La Consolacion College Deparo also Known as La Consolacion College Novaliches. the is also the NCR Super Intendent of CEAP Catholic Education Association of the Philippines, And the one of the Consultant of Golden Cronica Publishing, Inc. since 2010

Location and Facilities[edit]

LCC-N has the largest area among all branches of ASOLC Schools. It is a 5-hectare campus situated along the Villa Maria Subdivision, Bgy. 168 Deparo, in the boundary of Novaliches, Quezon City and Caloocan City that has 3 buildings. The Sto. Nino building houses the pre-school and primary and primary grade school pupils. The Mother Rita Barcelo Building that houses intermediate and high school students, Science and High School Computer Laboratories, T.H.E laboratory and Student Service Unit. The Our Lady of Consolation Building, also known as th Administrative Building houses the Internet and College Computer Laboratories, School Library, CIMC, Admin. Offices, Registrar, Faculty Room, HRM and TSM Laboratories, and Speech Lab.

The campus offers Catholic education for the children of the nearby areas of Bagumbong, Deparo, Llano, and even the near portions of the province of Bulacan.


Basic Education:

K to 12

Baccalaureate Courses:

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management

Bachelor of Science in Tourism

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Class Sections[edit]

Kindergarten 1 - Santo Nino
Kindergarten 2 - St. Michael the Archangel

Elementary (From Kinder 2 - Grade 3, the section names are named after the 7 Archangels. The Grade 4 - Grade 6 sections are named after the close friends and relatives of St. Augustine of Hippo.)

Grade 1 - St. Raphael & St. Gabriel
Grade 2 - St. Judiel & St. Uriel
Grade 3 - St. Barachiel
Grade 4 - St. Alypius
Grade 5 - St. Ambrose & St. Nebridius
Grade 6 - St. Augustine & St. Monica

High School
(From 1st year - 3rd year, the sections are named after saints canonized under the Augustinian Order. The 4th year sections are named after the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mother.)

1st Year:
St. Ezekiel Moreno
St. Nicolas Tolentino

2nd Year:
St. Thomas Villanova
St. John Sahagun

3rd Year:
St. Rita de Cascia
St. Clara de Montefalco

4th Year:
Our Lady of Consolation(OLC)
Our Lady of Good Counsel(OLGC)


The clubs listed below are only for Intermediate - High school Students:

1. Central Student Government (CSG)
2. Courier (Campus Paper)
3. Dance Troupe
4. Computer Club
5. Makabayan Club
6. KAMALAYAN Club (Theatre Guild),
7. Filipino Club
8. Science Club
9. Drum & Lyre
10. Coro Consolinians
11. Sports Club
12. Debaters Society
13. Arts Club / Homemakers club (4-IV)

Clubs for Primary Students:

1.Arts club
2.Drama club
3.Dance club
4.Singing club


Filipino (Wika at Pagbasa / Balarila at Panitikan)
Home Economics and Livelihood Education (grade 4 to 6)
Technology and Livelihood Education (High School)
Araling Panlipunan (Kasaysayan ng Pilipinas, Kasaysayan ng Asya, Kasaysayan ng Mundo, Ekonomiks) (High school's History)
Sibika (Primary and Intermediate's History)
English (separated, Language and Reading)
Religion (The Primaries' and intermediates' Values or GMRC)
Religious Values Education / Basic Theology (High Schools' GMRC)
Mathematics ( Primaries and Intermediates)
Geometry, Trigonometry, Intermediate and Basic Algebra (High Schools' Math)
General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics (High School)
MAPE( All except High School)
MAPEH/PEHM (High School)
Journalism (3rd year)
Ibong Adarna (1st year)
Florante at Laura (2nd year)
Noli Me Tangere (3rd year)
El Filibusterismo (4th year)
COOP (High School only)
CAT (4th year)

Note: Most High Schools Like 3rd year and 4th year has many subjects and also the ones who go home last.


Since there are two La Consolacion College campuses in Caloocan, the one in Novaliches is commonly mistaken to be the campus in front of the Main City Hall of Caloocan in District 2. A reason why LCC-Deparo has changed its name into Novaliches is to avoid the misconceptions since the term Novaliches which covers north Caloocan and north Quezon City is much more familiar to many than to Deparo which is the name of the big Barangay in District 1 Caloocan.