La Enfermedad Incurable

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La Enfermedad Incurable
Written by Sebastian Mancilla Olivares
Characters Juan Marchetti
Celina Echague
Eleonora Aruzzi de Marchetti
Tío Agusto
Tía Marcia
Doctor Terrille
Date premiered July 1996
Place premiered Cine Teatro
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca, Argentine
Original language Spanish
Genre DramaRomance
Setting Santiago de Chile, 1990.

La Enfermedad Incurable (The Incurable Disease) is a 1996 play by Sebastian Mancilla Olivares, a Chilean playwright and actor. The play was written in 1993 and premiered three years later in Catamarca, Argentina. The play reopened in 2001 at the Teatro Urbano Girardi, once again under the direction of Olivares but featuring a new cast and crew.[1] As of today, the play has garnered several honors, accolades, and awards.

Cine Teatro Catamarca, ubicado en San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca _ Argentina.


The story centers on Juan, who suffers from chronic epilepsy. His disease worsens steadily with age, but modern medicine lengthens his life expectancy. Over the years, doctors tell Juan's mother, Eleonora, that her son will most likely die by the age of eighteen. Knowing that he could die at any moment, Juan decides to live every day of his life to the fullest. During his travels, he meets Celina, a girl who sells vintage records at a store a few blocks away from his house. The pair strike up a friendship which then blossoms into love.

Original Cast[edit]

2001 Cast[edit]

Upcoming Remake[edit]

  • A remake of the story was considered in 2008, but with the death of Mancilla's mother at the time, the project was put on hold. It was once again revitalized in 2010, when Ismael Morandini would develop a remake in honor of Mancilla, who lost his life to depression in 2009. Ultimately, Morandini was killed in a car accident on his way to Tucumán, Catamarca, Argentina and the project was once again in limbo.
  • In 2013, Az Martínez announced the project again, stating that the remake, to be titled "Angeles de Amor" (Angels of Love), is planned for release in late 2014.
  • Lu Rodríguez is also involved in development.



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