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La Excepción

La Excepción que Confirma la Regla is a rap band from Madrid, composed of two MCs: El Langui and Gitano Antón, DJ La dako style. They started a small revolution in the Spanish hip-hop scene, opening new doors with a self-assured and personal style that integrates flamenco, Cheli slang, a lot of humor, without losing the social critique so central to hip-hop, they have made, from a local identity, a universal rap that has become popular around the whole country and has achieved rankings not held by hip-hop. They won Best Disc of the Year in Rolling Stone Magazine for their first work “”Cata Cheli”” and Best New Group from PEMOC please cite the source information, they have known each other since childhood, began testing the waters with the rest of their friends in “”Amenaza Criminal””, in a amateur way. With time, only the actual members of the group continued in the world of hip-hop, completing the formation of La Excepción, they discovered they could make rap using their own gypsy slang and they continued to polish their style in small concerts.

In one of these they met the ubiquitous MC and producer Frank T, who decided to speed their journey, making first their single “En tu carro paio!” and their first record, “”Cata Cheli””, as well as interpreting with them the song "El negro, el cojo y el gitano". In addition to the basis provided by Frank T, they relied upon the Frenchman, Super Jeff Dominguez to mix their first CD, their success among critics and sales has led them to act in the main festivals of the country, like Viña Rock, the Monegros Desert Festival or the Urban Culture de Madrid. All this brought about the re-release of the disc with two new tracks. La Excepcion follows a responsibly policy towards drug use, their lyrics distil a commitment to “”El Barrio””, a positive attitude towards life and its hardships. Much of their music has tones of "el Langui", that in "Zapato ortopédico", jeers at the misfortunes, supposed to be his fate, the Gypsy Anton, that in "Nos late fuerte", with the help of Antonio Carmona de Ketama comments on the bad reputation of the Gypsies.

In May 2006, their second disc was released, produced by Frank T and Óscar "Acción Sánchez", called “”Aguantando el Tiron””, with collaborations like that of MC Randy. They won a prize Best Spanish Group at the MTV Europe Music Awards. "En tu carrino paio" "Cata cheli" "Aguantando el tirón" " La verdad mas verdadera" “Tenemos que hablar”, with Presuntos Implicados “El negro el cojo y el gitano” with Frank T “Gorrión Bernardino” with Kultama “Nos late fuerte” with Antonio Carmona “Alma de molino” with Las Sister Bautista “Tres chaborros y un destino” with Rachid Kamikaze Baggasse “Hoy” with Aqeel “Agustito” with Ketama "Quijote Hip Hop" “Pirata del Estrecho”, with Los Delinqüentes “Horizontes”, with Rosendo “Ruido”, with Muchachito Bombo Infierno “Rap Contra El Racismo”, El Chojin and others references = La Excepción official site

Nightmare on 13th Haunted House

The Nightmare on 13th is a haunted attraction in Salt Lake City, Utah. Located on 300 West and 1300 South, it is in a 36,000-square-foot warehouse, a former car dealership. Nightmare on 13th is one of the largest and longest running haunted attractions in the United States; as of 2019 they have been in business for 29 years, over 60,000 people attend Nightmare on 13th each season. Troy Barber and Mike Henrie first opened this haunted attraction in 1990; the original name was “The Institute of Terror", started by Klane Anderson in 1984 and sold to Troy and Mike as Klane was moving to Atlanta to help start a nuclear robotics division of Westinghouse. Early adoption of robotics and high tech special effects by Klane Anderson were a big attraction of "The Institute of Terror." After the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001 the company changed the name to “Nightmare on 13th.” Nightmare on 13th is a seasonal haunted house open in September and October, but its creators work on it all year long to keep it fresh every year.

Nightmare on 13th is the only haunted attraction that has a animated theater show that you watch while you wait in line before going into the actual haunted house. After you enter the haunted house there are over 45 different rooms you travel though which take 45 minutes; the business environment for haunts in Utah is one of the most active in the United States. Nightmare on 13th is part of the top tier of houses in Utah; this haunted house was featured on the Travel Channel in 2009 and 2010 and was on the cover of Haunted Attraction Magazine in 2009. As of 2018 120 people staff the haunt on any given evening. Nightmare on 13th has been voted one of America's scariest attractions by the Travel Channel. Nightmare On 13th Haunted House Connect 2 Utah America Haunts Haunted attractions

Zōshuku Station

Zōshuku Station is the railway station in Ōaza Magarikawa, Arita Town, Saga Prefecture. It is on the Nishi-Kyūshū Line. Matsuura Railway Nishi-Kyūshū Line The station is ground level with two tracks. National Route 202 Arita River Zōshuku Post Office August 7, 1898 - Opens for business by Imari Railway. December 1, 1898 - Kyushu Railway merges Imari Railway. July 1, 1907 - The Railroad Ministry nationalizes all lines of Kyushu Railway. 1913–Present station building is established. April 1, 1987 - Railways privatize and this station is inherited by JR Kyushu. April 1, 1988 - This station is inherited by Matsuura Railway. Matsuura Railway

Alberta City, Tuscaloosa

Alberta City, sometimes shortened as "the ABC" by locals, is the name of a suburban area of Tuscaloosa, United States. Alberta city is located in the northeastern portion of Tuscaloosa and is defined as encompassing the portions of the city east of U. S. Route 82, west of Holt, south of the Black Warrior River and north of Veterans Memorial Parkway. With its founding in 1912 and much of its early development tracing to the early 20th Century, what is present-day Alberta City was annexed into Tuscaloosa on September 21, 1948. On April 27, 2011, Alberta City suffered the heaviest damage from a tornado that destroyed 12% of greater Tuscaloosa, including residences and stores; the suburb's landscape was changed as numerous properties and businesses were destroyed and left as flat vacant lots after demolitions. Two police stations, a postal office, elementary and primary day care schools were all damaged beyond repair or destroyed. Alberta City has undergone slow, gradual reconstruction since due to revitalization efforts from the Tuscaloosa city government and from private investors and businesses seeing potential in the area due to its close proximity to the University of Alabama's main campus.

Alberta City never reported a population separately as an unincorporated community on the U. S. Census according to the census returns from 1850 until its annexation into Tuscaloosa in 1948; the neighborhood is serviced by both Alabama State Route 215 and U. S. Route 82. Public transportation is provided via public bus serviced by the Tuscaloosa Transit Authority's Holt Route. Cottondale, Alabama — an adjacent unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County Holt, Alabama — a nearby unincorporated community in Tuscaloosa County

A Bright Room Called Day

A Bright Room Called Day is a play by American playwright Tony Kushner, author of Angels in America. The play is set in Germany in 1932 and 1933, concerns a group of friends caught up in the events of the fall of the Weimar Republic and the rise to power of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party; the plot is centered on a woman named Agnes Eggling, a middle-aged actress, all of the action takes place in her apartment. The action is interrupted by scenes featuring Zillah, a young woman in the 1980s living in Long Island who believes that Reagan is becoming too much like Hitler. In the version performed by the New York Shakespeare Festival, Zillah has moved to Berlin. Zillah has fled to Germany out of frustration and anger at the growing power of the Republican Party in America during the 1980s; the play was based on Bertolt Brecht's 1938 work The Private Life of the Master Race. A Bright Room Called Day was first presented in a workshop production by Heat & Light Co. Inc. at Theatre 22 in New York City in April 1985, directed by Kushner himself.

The play premiered at the Eureka Theatre in San Francisco, California in October 1987, directed by Oskar Eustis. In January 1991, it was produced at the Joseph Papp Public Theater by the New York Shakespeare Festival, where it was directed by Michael Greif; the segments of the play set in the 1930s remained the same throughout the various productions, but Zillah's interruptions changed drastically from version to version. Her scenes were the primary point of contention for critics of the show, some of whom took offense at her comparisons of Ronald Reagan to Adolf Hitler. In 2009, A Bright Room Called Day was translated into French by Pauline Le Diset, it was presented by I Girasoli at the Théatre de la Boutonnière, France in January 2010 under the title Bright Room. In July to August 2014, the play got its first London revival at the Southwark Playhouse, directed by Sebastian Harcombe. In February 2018 a revised version of the play, titled "A Bright Room Called Day", was performed at the University of Southern California School of Dramatic Arts.

The revised version included the addition of the character Xillah, who interrupts the play and comments on the modern parallels of the play in contrast to the parallels made to 1985. The production was directed by David Warshofsky. "Tony Kushner's A Bright Room Called unabashedly political, thought-provoking, a little scary, a good deal of theatrical fun.... Bright Room examination of Nazi Germany in an attempt to shed insight on our own time. It's brash, and, depending on your politics, anything from infuriatingly naive to intoxicatingly visionary. In its 1932-33 span, it tells of a group of Berlin artists and friends, with varying degrees of communist leanings, of the changes in their lives as democracy falls and Adolph Hitler takes over." Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune "It's fun to see a show this engaged. This passionate and ready to talk. Wild, pugnacious, committed, dumb and utterly serious. Always and intellectually forceful, and most important, always passionately committed.

More than a diatribe against Reagan or a falling-into-the-Nazi-abyss history play, A Bright Room Called Day is an assertion of the need for commitment." Anthony Adler, The Reader Joseph Papp Public Theater/New York Shakespeare Festival French adaptation Broadway Play Publishing Inc: licensor of stage production rights in U S & Canada

OutRight Action International

OutRight Action International is a LGBTIQ human rights non-governmental organization that addresses human rights violations and abuses against lesbian, bisexual and intersex people. OutRight Action International documents human rights discrimination and abuses based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and sex characteristics in partnership with activists, media, NGOs and allies on a local, regional and international level. OutRight Action International holds consultative status with ECOSOC. OutRight Action International known as International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, was founded by Julie Dorf in 1990, incorporated as a non-profit organization on November 7, 1990. Though focused on LGBT human rights abuses in Russia, the organization is now active in many parts of the world, including the Americas, the Middle East, Asia. OutRight Action International is headquartered in New York City with satellite offices on the West Coast and in Spain, Manila. OutRight Action International has a digital archive of their LGBT human rights documentation and education materials for research.

On July 19, 2010, the United Nations Economic and Social Council voted to accredit IGLHRC, as one of the NGOs granted consultative status with the international organization. This allows IGLHRC to attend U. N meetings, contribute statements, collaborate with United Nations agencies. In 2010, IGLHRC contributed in forming "An Activist's Guide" of the Yogyakarta Principles. In 2015, on the 25th anniversary of the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission changed its name to OutRight Action International to make it more inclusive. In 2015, OutRight's executive director Jessica Stern presented the first United Nations Security Council briefing on LGBTI human rights violations. In 2015, OutRight in partnership with CUNY Law School started a one-day conference on Human Rights Day called OutSummit. In 2016, as a member of the United Nations LGBTI Core Group, OutRight took part in a high level UN event that included the 8th Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, 47th United States Vice President Joe Biden, President of Chile and Norway's Prime Minister.

In 2017, OutRight challenged the inclusion of C-Fam to the US delegation at the UN CSW 2017. In 2018, Neish McLean, Executive Director of TransWave and OutRight Caribbean Program Officer, presented the intervention statement on behalf of the Major Groups and Other Stakeholders in response to Jamaica’s Voluntary National Reviews at the United Nations. In 2019, OutRight worked with UN Women to be a part of a historic panel at the United Nations on "Gender Diversity: Beyond Binaries" OutRight’s work is organized in four regional programs, cross-regional programs focused on the United Nations, global research and safety and security for LGBTIQ activists. Work in the Asia region promotes acceptance of sexual and gender diversity at all levels of society; the 2014 Report "Violence: Through The Lens of Lesbians, Bisexual Women And Trans People in Asia" collected and reviewed data from five countries in the region. Recent projects focused on domestic violence protections for LGBT in the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

Work in the Caribbean region supports organizations to achieve legal registration and provides support in establishing and building the capacity of newly founded organizations as well as combating gender-based violence. OutRight Action International’s Research Program collects quantitative and qualitative data through surveys and case studies to promote global LGBTIQ advocacy and address issues on religion, policy and social norms of gender sexuality, gender expression, sexual orientation; this research is analyzed for use by local, regional and communications fronts. Outright conducted the first-ever global survey in 2019 "Harmful Treatment: The Global Reach of So-called Conversion Therapy" on the causes and effects of "conversion therapy" using interviews with experts and survivors around the world; the report dives into its main justifications by perpetrators, the most common conversion therapy practices used, includes cases studies from people who have been through such programs. The survey provides insight on the social and religious norms which undermine the identities and sexualities of LGBTIQ people.

A survey in 2018 "The Global State of LGBTIQ Organizing: The Right to Register" in 194 countries and found that only 56%, 109 countries, permit LGBTIQ organizations to register as so. In just 28%, 55 countries, LGBTIQ organizations exist but they cannot register. OutRight is concerned that LGBTIQ people in these countries may be at higher risk of discrimination and violence, as well as lack resources and funding. Partnered with local LGBTIQ groups in the Middle East and North Africa, with a focus on Iran and Turkey, to support activists and allies; the 2018 report “Activism and Resilience: LGBTQ Progress in the Middle East and North Africa” explains how activism in the region leads to progress on LGBTQ issues, how challenges are met with the resilience by the movement. OutRight is the first and only U. S.-based LGBTIQ human rights organization to obtain consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. OutRight uses its status to work as an organizer convening of groups and activists coming to New York to conduct advocacy on LGBTIQ issues at the United Nations.

OutRight does direct advocacy work across the United Nations with a focus on the General Assembly, Commission on the Status of Women, High-level Political Forum on Sustainable Development. Two OutR