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Type of site
Online database for music albums, artists and songs; reviews and biographies
Available in Spanish
Created by Raúl Alonso
Alexa rank Increase 306,709 (January 2017)[1]
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Launched 2008; 10 years ago (2008)
Current status Online

Lafonoteca is an online music database and guide service website for Spanish popular music.


As a database, Lafonoteca covers a multitude of styles and genres, from pop, rock and hip-hop to traditional Spanish and world music styles such as flamenco and rumba.

It contains over 1000 biographies of different Spanish bands and artists, including place of origin, time in activity and names of its components. In addition, for each band or artist they have an outlined discography and the most representative, which are rated from one to five stars.

Lafonoteca edit their web content licensed under creative commons.

Other activities[edit]

As a parallel activity they have promoted performances by Spanish bands in London to publicize independent Spanish music abroad.[2] They debuted with Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, followed by Pauline en la playa, Joe Crepúsculo and Delorean, among others. Later they began to organize concerts in the Iberian Peninsula. Besides Madrid where the main activity takes place, they have a very active delegation in Barcelona, which since 2011 has organized around a hundred concerts, another one in Oporto is currently open.[3][4][5]

In 2011 they started recording with the launch of a compilation titled No te apures mamá, es solo música pop,[6] followed by series released annually. In 2013, with Walden Books, editorial work began with the reissue of Música Moderna by Fernando Márquez originally published in 1981.[7] It was then followed by Saudade, the biography of the Galician musician Andrés do Barro and Batería, Guitarra y Twist in 2016, a book about the origins of Madrid rock.


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