Lake Cliff

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Lake Cliff
Dallas downtown skyline seen from Lake Cliff.jpg
Downtown Dallas as seen from the lake
Location Dallas, Texas
Coordinates 32°45′27.77″N 96°49′06.57″W / 32.7577139°N 96.8184917°W / 32.7577139; -96.8184917Coordinates: 32°45′27.77″N 96°49′06.57″W / 32.7577139°N 96.8184917°W / 32.7577139; -96.8184917
Type reservoir
Basin countries United States
Surface elevation 134 m (440 ft)
Settlements Dallas

Lake Cliff is a freshwater lake in the northern part of the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas (USA).


Lake Cliff is located inside the Marsalis, Beckley, West Davis, Zang Boundaries.


Lake Cliff was constructed between 1899 and 1900 and was originally called "Lake Llewellyn." It is speculated that Thomas L. Marsalis originally helped to plan the construction of the lake in the summer of 1899. In July 1900, Marsalis sued the lake's builders citing "errors in construction." [1]


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