Lake Kompienga

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Lake Kompienga
Kompiengastausee MS1107.jpg
LocationKompienga Province
Coordinates11°08′20″N 0°38′04″E / 11.13889°N 0.63444°E / 11.13889; 0.63444Coordinates: 11°08′20″N 0°38′04″E / 11.13889°N 0.63444°E / 11.13889; 0.63444
Basin countriesBurkina Faso
Official nameBarrage de la Kompienga
Designated7 October 2009
Reference no.1875[1]

Lake Kompienga is a reservoir lake in Kompienga Province in southeastern Burkina Faso. The Kompienga Dam was built in the 1980s to create the lake for economic purposes.

In 1985, demographers predicted that the construction of the Kompienga dam and lake would bring about 15% increase in immigration to area between 1985 and 1990, 15% between 1990 and 1995, and 8% between 1995 and 2000 for economic reasons; the entire Kompienga river basin did in fact experience a sudden, dramatic increase in agricultural immigration after 1985, particularly in the area immediately adjacent to the dam construction site, which became Kompienga town.[2]

However the creation of the lake and dam had consequences on some villages along the basin which were either totally or partially flooded by the dam-created lake.


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