Lake Omodeo

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Lake Omodeo
Lago Omodeo
Lagu Omodeu
Sardegna - Lago Omodeo.JPG
Location Sardinia
Coordinates 40°08′10″N 8°54′54″E / 40.136°N 8.915°E / 40.136; 8.915Coordinates: 40°08′10″N 8°54′54″E / 40.136°N 8.915°E / 40.136; 8.915
Type artificial lake
Primary inflows Tirso River
Primary outflows Tirso River
Basin countries Italy
Max. length 20 km (12 mi)
Surface area 29 km2 (11 sq mi)
Water volume 748,000,000 m3 (2.64×1010 cu ft)
Lago Omodeo 2.jpg

Lake Omodeo (Italian: Lago Omodeo, Sardinian: Lagu Omodeu) is an artificial lake, in central west Sardinia, Italy.

The lake was constructed in the 1920s. The dam, designed by the engineer Angelo Omodeo, was inaugurated in 1924, at that time it was the largest reservoir in Europe. The lake length is 20 km.

A new dam was built in 1997, dedicated to the Sardinian medieval judge Eleonor of Arborea, it is 582 m long and 120 m wide.