Lake Verona

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Lake Verona
Avon Park Lake Verona pano01.jpg
Location Avon Park, Florida
Coordinates 27°35′53″N 81°29′49″W / 27.598°N 81.497°W / 27.598; -81.497Coordinates: 27°35′53″N 81°29′49″W / 27.598°N 81.497°W / 27.598; -81.497
Basin countries United States
Surface area 41 acres (17 ha)
Max. depth 80 ft (24 m)

Lake Verona is located within the city of Avon Park, Florida. While the lake covers only 41 acres (17 ha), it gets deep quickly, with a maximum depth of about 80 feet (24 m).

There is an area to launch boats where Church Street meets up with the lake's shore. Also, there is a public park with picnic tables and shelterhouses. A public swimming beach is included in the park. However, swimming should be done with caution, since the water gets deep quickly.