Lakeshore General Hospital

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Lakeshore General Hospital
CSSS de l'Ouest-de-l'Île
Lakeshore General Hospital.jpg
The exterior of the Lakeshore General Hospital.
Lakeshore General Hospital is located in Montreal
Lakeshore General Hospital
Location in Montreal
Location Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates 45°26′53″N 73°50′02″W / 45.448°N 73.834°W / 45.448; -73.834Coordinates: 45°26′53″N 73°50′02″W / 45.448°N 73.834°W / 45.448; -73.834
Care system RAMQ (Quebec medicare)
Hospital type Acute care
Affiliated university McGill University Faculty of Medicine
Founded 1965
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The Lakeshore General Hospital (Hôpital général du Lakeshore) (LGH) is a Canadian acute care institution located in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, a suburban municipality near Montreal, Quebec. The hospital employs 1,200 employees and contains 257 beds, and serves an estimated population of 377,000 in the West Island region of Montreal.[1][2]

The LGH is situated close to major highway arteries such as Highways 13, 20, 40, and 520 and is often called upon to treat and stabilize accident victims. Its emergency department is one of the busiest for distress cases in Montreal with over 72,000 visits annually.[1]

The Lakeshore General Hospital opened its doors in 1965.[3] It is part of the Centre de santé et de services sociaux de l'Ouest-de-l'Île (West-Island Health and Social Service Centre).[4]


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