Lamb Island, Queensland

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Lamb Island
Lamb Island Pioneer Hall (1994).jpg
Lamb Island Pioneer Hall, 1994
Lamb Island is located in Queensland
Lamb Island
Lamb Island
Coordinates27°37′30″S 153°22′45″E / 27.62500°S 153.37917°E / -27.62500; 153.37917Coordinates: 27°37′30″S 153°22′45″E / 27.62500°S 153.37917°E / -27.62500; 153.37917
Population427 (2011 census)[1]
Location33 km (21 mi) from Brisbane GPO
LGA(s)Redland City
State electorate(s)Redlands
Federal Division(s)Bowman
Suburbs around Lamb Island:
Thornlands Cleveland Moreton Island
Mount Cotton Lamb Island Stradbroke Island
Redland Bay Victoria Point Macleay Island

Lamb Island is a small island in the southern part of Moreton Bay, near Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.[2] It constitutes a town and locality within the Redland City.[3][4] In the 2011 census, Lamb Island had a population of 427 people.[1]

Heritage listings[edit]

Lamb Island has a number of heritage-listed sites, including:

  • Lucas Drive: Lamb Island Pioneer Hall[5]
  • Mango Trees on Tina Avenue which were planted over 100 years ago by the acclimatization society[6]
  • Jetty Shed which has been restored by the local island community group and was used for loading local produce onto the merchant boats[6][7]
  • Home located on Tina Avenue which was one of the original farm houses, then served as the local post office and telephone exchange.


Lamb Island has a rich history of food production dating back to the early 1900s; the island consisted of numerous small farms which supplied produce to the mainland Brisbane market. Due to the unique micro climate created by the islands geographic locationn its extremely fertile volcanic soil and the pure sand aquifers that run beneath it, the farmers were able to supply superior produce to the mainland market earlier than their mainland competitors. There were several boats (including the well known historic vessels "Roo" and "Amazon") which travelled from the upper reaches of the Brisbane river out to the island to transport the produce; the Roo would also transport supplies from Brisbane for the island's residents and weekend trippers who would visit the island. One of the well known attractions was Peggy Saunders' garden parties. Peggy Saunders was the wife of one of the original farmers and was well known for her beautiful garden which was located on the Western waterfront of the island.[citation needed]

In the late 1970s Lamb Island, like much of South East Queensland, was developed into small residential allotments; the majority of the original farm land was subdivided with only a handful of small farming lots remaining. The island has remained largely undeveloped with the majority of the small residential lots being left as vacant land. Residential development has been limited largely due to transport costs of materials and additionally many waterfront lots suffer from erosion, especially those on the high South Eastern end of the island. In recent years, with the popularity and resurgence of organic food, the island is gaining a reputation for its unique micro climate and organically grown produce. Of note was the 2016 Gold Medal recipient in the National Delicious Produce Awards by an island business, "Pretty Produce" which specializes in and supplies edible flowers to leading chefs in many of Australia's best restaurants.[8] In addition to commercial organic growing ventures on the island, there are a number of small community garden groups engaged in organic food and ornamental plant production. Due to the strong resurgence in the local environmentally friendly initiatives, including alternative energy and construction materials and methods, the island has affectionately been labelled "the Green Island".[citation needed]


In the 2011 census, Lamb Island recorded a population of 427 people, 50.4% female and 49.6% male.[1] The median age of the Lamb Island population was 51 years, 14 years above the national median of 37. 69.4% of people living in Lamb Island were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were England 6.8%, New Zealand 6.5%, Philippines 2.3%, Netherlands 1.6%, Germany 1.2%. 90.4% of people spoke only English at home; the next most common languages were 2.8% Tagalog, 0.9% German, 0.9% French, 0.9% Samoan, 0.9% Spanish.[1]


Transportation to Lamb Island is by high speed passenger ferry and vehicular barge service; the high speed passenger ferries run approximately every half hour from approximately 4 am – midnight, 7 days per week (subject to changing timetables) and numerous residents commute daily to the mainland. The transport terminal is located on the Southern end of Lucas Drive which is the central main road; the high speed passenger ferry takes approximately 15 minutes from the mainland. The vehicular barge transports all motor vehicles and is capable of transporting large semi trailers; the barge takes approximately 45 minutes from the mainland.


  • Electricity - mainland power supply
  • Water - mainland water supply
  • Sewer - all recent and new builds must comply with advanced secondary water treatment standards
  • Internet/Telephone - reliable broadband internet is available due to the island accessing mainland Telstra infrastructure
  • Groceries - The island has its own small convenience store open 7 days per week and in addition, Woolworths provides an online home delivery weekly grocery service equivalent to that of the mainland.
  • Alcohol - a bottle shop is located at the Lamb Island Recreation Club
  • Entertainment - the Lamb Island Recreation Club incorporates a casual club style dining venue and hosts regular performing artists including musicians and comedians
  • Sport - a public tennis court is located next to Pioneer Hall and the Recreation Club

Arts & Culture[edit]

Lamb Island was the title and subject of a 2010 short film by film maker Tim Marshall. [9][10]

The island forms part of the Redland City Council's heritage trail which identifies significant local heritage sites.[11]


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