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Lana Del Rey videography
Films 10
Television 19
Commercials 2
Music videos 32

American singer and occasional actress Lana Del Rey has appeared in three films as an actress, eighteen television shows, and three commercials, along with offering her talents to five films as singer. Del Rey's first appearance was in the independent film Poolside (2010), which features Del Rey playing Lisa, a rich girl who spends her days smoking cigarettes by the pool, she received top billing for the project. Del Rey's next appearance was in a less-than-one-minute long short art film titled Lana Del Rey which was produced by Interview magazine and features noir-ish style and cinematic themes. Del Rey's breakout appearance was in an Anthony Mandler directed film, which Del Rey wrote, titled Tropico (2013), the film features Del Rey as a fictionalized version of Eve while also playing the Virgin Mary. Tropico received positive reviews and was Del Rey's second film that gave her top billing. Along with appearing in a handful of short films, Del Rey has appeared in 18 television shows and specials as herself along with appearing in campaign commercials for companies including Keds and H&M.

Del Rey has produced songs for five films: The Great Gatsby (2013), Tropico (2013), Maleficent (2014), Big Eyes (2014), and Hi How Are You (2015). Del Rey created the songs "Young and Beautiful", "Hotel Sayre", "Magic Tree and I Let Myself Go", and "Two Minutes to Four and Reunited" for The Great Gatsby, with Young and Beautiful receiving single treatment followed by praise, chart success, and a Grammy award nomination. Her contribution of the two songs "I Can Fly" and "Big Eyes" for the Margaret Keane bio-pic Big Eyes received critical acclaim with the later being nominated for a Golden Globe Award and Critics Choice Award.


dagger Indicates a film that has not yet released
Title Year Role(s) Director(s) Crew Notes
Poolside [a] 2010 Lisa Aaron C. Peer N/A Credited as Lizzy Grant
ZOO Presents Lana Del Rey [a] 2012 Herself Bryan Adams N/A
Ride [a][b] Artist Anthony Mandler Writer
Lana Del Rey [a][c] Herself N/A
The Great Gatsby 2013 Baz Luhrmann Composer [c]
Tropico [a] Eve Anthony Mandler Writer
Virgin Mary Composer
Nylon X Lana Del Rey [a] Herself N/A
L'Officiel Presents Lana Del Rey [a] Herself Nicole Nodland N/A
FADER Presents Lana Del Rey [a] 2014 Herself Maia Stern N/A
Madame Figaro Presents Lana Del Rey [a] Herself N/A
Hi How Are You Daniel Johnston [a] 2015 Gabriel Sunday Executive producer
Freak [a] 2016 Pamela Courson Lana Del Rey Director
Tower of Song: A Memorial Tribute to Leonard Cohen 2017 Performer Jack Bender Filming


  • ^[a] Indicates short subject; art, short, or fashion film
  • ^[b] Ride served as an accompanying short film to Del Rey's 2012 single of the same name from her EP, Paradise.
  • ^[c] Lana Del Rey was an art film produced by Interview magazine to accompany an editorial piece on Del Rey.
  • ^[d] For The Great Gatsby, Del Rey provided the theme "Young and Beautiful" along with its orchestral version, "Hotel Sayree", "Two Minutes to Four and Reunited", and "Magic Tree and I Let Myself Go".

Soundtrack contributions[edit]

Title Year Song(s) Notes
The Great Gatsby 2013 "Young and Beautiful", "Hotel Sayre", "Magic Tree and I Let Myself Go" & "Two Minutes to Four and Reunited"
Big Eyes 2014 "Big Eyes" & "I Can Fly"
Maleficent "Once Upon a Dream"
The Age of Adaline 2015 "Life Is Beautiful" Unreleased; trailer only
Hi, How Are You Daniel Johnston? "Some Things Last a Long Time"


Del Rey performing at Planeta Terra
Year Title Notes
2011 Later with Jools Holland Episode: "39.4"
Inas Nacht Episode: "7.9"
Le grand journal de Canal+ Guest; 3 episodes
2012 The Jonathan Ross Show Episode: "2.1"
Saturday Night Live Episode: "Daniel Radcliffe/Lana Del Rey"
Late Night with David Letterman Episode: "19.83"
The Talent Show Story Episode "1.5"; uncredited
Jimmy Kimmel Live! Episode: "10.120"
The BRIT Awards 2012
American Idol Episode: "Top 10 Results"
Buenas noches y Buenafuente Episode: "1.2"
The Voice UK Episode: "Live Show 1 Results"
BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend 2012 Television special
MTV Europe Music Awards 2012
2013 The BRIT Music Awards 2013
2014 The 56th Annual Grammy Awards
2015 Fashion News Live Episode: "20,31"
72nd Golden Globe Awards
Billboard's Women in Music Television special


dagger Indicates a film that has not yet released
double-dagger Indicates a documentary
Title Year Role Notes Refs.
Complex - Behind the Scenes 2015 Herself Episode: "Lana Del Rey August/September Issue" [1]


List of commercials, showing company/product, year released, and description
Company Year Description
Keds 2009 Commercial features Del Rey in 2009 walking around Coney Island, Brooklyn while her song "Yayo" plays in the background.
H&M 2012 Commercial features Del Rey in an old-1960s-inspired lounge where she sings a cover of Bobby Vinton's famous prom anthem "Blue Velvet", which was featured on her second EP Paradise (2012).

Music videos[edit]

2008–10: Lana Del Ray[edit]

Title Year Details Ref.
Director Description
Kill Kill 2008 Lana Del Rey Set to a tropical theme, the video for Kill Kill features a black and white opening with vintage clips of surfers during the 1960s, the video begins to show small amounts of color before transitioning clips of Del Rey wearing flowering crowns singing in front of painted flowers and more clips of surfers, old cars, beaches during the '50s and 60s, and sparklers.
Gramma 2009 Lana Del Rey The patriotic video features clips of Del Rey wrapped in an American flag with short blond hair and in front of American flag streamers along with cuts of vintage clips and Axl Rose performing live along with paparazzi footage.
Yayo Lana Del Rey The Las Vegas-themed video for Yayo features the first demo of the song that was featured on Lana Del Ray with clips of Del Rey wearing a wedding veil in some shots and a tiara in others while mouthing the song with cuts to other shots of hotels in Las Vegas, middle-aged men crossing the street in the 80s, casinos, and palm trees.
Mermaid Motel Lana Del Rey Del Rey plays a beauty queen with curly, thick brown hair in this web cam-shot video for "Mermaid Hotel". Clips of old films, paparazzi taking photographs in the 60s, Princess Diana's wedding, and Las Vegas casinos are shown throughout the video.
Put Me in a Movie Lana Del Rey The self shot video features Del Rey in multiple different hair colours and styles while in basic tanks tops and be-dazzled dresses while clips of Wall Street men walk, North Korean girls dance, and a synchronized dance by professionals in black and white in front of cherry blossom trees,
Brite Lites Lana Del Rey A more up beat electronic-influenced song with an uptempo video featuring Del Rey as a beauty queen with cuts to clips of lasers shooting across rooms, clubs, people applauding, and beauty queens accepting their crowns in the '70s.
Jump Lana Del Rey The gangster-themed video features Del Rey with her natural short hair with dark red lips as she mouths the words of the song as clips appear that feature her in a pageant queen up-do with some man and old Hollywood film stars. The video ends with behind-the scenes shots of Del Rey shooting the album cover for Lana Del Rey.
Lolita 2010 Lana Del Rey Be My Baby Tonight features Del Rey singing in a blonde wig as a fan blows her hair upwards with clips of Sailor Moon, Las Vegas casinos, old Disney movies, and old Lolita films playing.
You Can Be the Boss Lana Del Rey The partially-colourized black and white video opens up with fireworks and than cuts to Del Rey in a medium length blonde wig mouthing the song as clips of cartoon gangsters and their crying wives play.

2011–12: Born to Die[edit]

Title Year Details Ref.
Director Description
Diet Mountain Dew 2011 Lana Del Rey Del Rey gathered old archive clips from the internet and filmed herself in front of her webcam for the video. The clips are mainly from old movies, like Sleeping Beauty.
Video Games Lana Del Rey It features video clips of skateboarders, cartoons and shots from old movies, as well as paparazzi footage of Paz de la Huerta falling down while intoxicated.[2] These are interspersed between shots of Del Rey singing, which she filmed herself using a webcam.[2] When asked if she would change anything about the video's production, Del Rey stated, "Had I known so many people were going to watch the video, I'd have put some more effort into it. I would have got my hair and make-up done and tried not to be so pouty, seeing as everyone talks about my face all the time. And I'd have put more of a storyline into it." The singer also revealed that she was "trying to look smart and well turned-out, rather than 'sexy' [in the music video]. Of course I wanted to look good, but 'smart' was the primary focus." [3]
Blue Jeans Lana Del Rey Del Rey gathered old archive clips from the internet and filmed herself in front of her webcam for the video.[2][4] The opening scene of the self-produced video contains a snippet of Lawrence Ferlinghetti reading the Lord's Prayer from the film, The Last Waltz and features footage from Australian photographer Nirrimi Joy Firebrace's "tender-hearted" project.[5] Throughout the video, Del Rey splices vampy screencaps of herself mouthing the lyrics with clips from home videos and paparazzi footage she found on YouTube,[5][6] among them are snippets of old cartoons, Las Vegas, gas stations, and Tupac Shakur.[6] [3]
Born to Die Yoann Lemoine The video begins with Del Rey seen standing topless in the arms of a tattooed man[7] with an American flag as a backdrop.[8] The scene is followed by the singer leaving her home and joining her boyfriend for a long car trip. While on the road, the relationship of the couple is revealed to be unstable,[9] as Del Rey is forced to kiss her boyfriend while expressing sadness, as Del Rey makes her way out of a hotel, the scene cuts back to an apparent car accident, with the singer's bloodied corpse being carried by her lover as a huge fire burns behind them. Also, the video intercuts scenes shot at the Palace of Fontainebleau, showing Del Rey sitting on a throne with tigers beside her in the Trinity Chapel or walking in the Gallery of Francis I, the video ends with the opening scene. [10]
Blue Jeans 2012 Yoann Lemoine Bradley Soileau plays Del Rey's love interest in the video just as he did in the music video for "Born to Die".[11] The video contains elements of film noir and is shot entirely in black and white.[12] Set by a poolside of a 1950s Hollywood home, Del Rey and Soileau reunite for a tragic love story. Accompanied by slo-mo brooding and smoking scenes, there is a drowning and the appearance of a crocodile.[13] [14]
Carmen Lana Del Rey The video opens with Instagram-style snapshots of New York City, spliced together with scenes of old Hollywood paparazzi, a rose, and shots of Lana herself. Once the song begins, we see a dressed woman working a pole, then Del Rey on a porch, the song goes on to feature black and white photo stills, animated food scenes, Lana riding the back of a motorcycle operated by the model Josh Rachlin and multiple references to drugs and troubled youth. In one scene, Lana is behind the camera interviewing Rachlin, asking him about his dream girl and giggling, the video ends with the Erik Satie's song "Gymnopédie No.1." and a woman dancing in a field until the word “fin” graces the screen.[citation needed] [15]
National Anthem Anthony Mandler It begins with Del Rey as Marilyn Monroe in a re-enactment of Monroe's 1962 performance of "Happy Birthday, Mr. President". The rest of the video depicts Del Rey as Jacqueline Kennedy and ASAP Rocky as John F. Kennedy in re-enactments of home videos.[16] The video ends with a re-enactment of the infamous Zapruder film showing Kennedy's assassination and Del Rey reading a monologue as Onassis concerning her and Kennedy's relationship. [17]
Summertime Sadness Kyle Newman
Spencer Susser
Actress Jaime King, stars along with Del Rey in the video,[18] which tells the sad love story of two women, who both end their own lives.[19] King said about the video that, "It's about not being able to live without the one you love, friend or lover it doesn't matter, that's whatever you want it to be."[20]
Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais remix) Kyle Newman
Spencer Susser
The majority of the video includes the same footage of the original version produced by Kyle Newman.[21] Sam Lansky of Idolator described the remake as being "...stitched together with familiar glitchy footage of Lana in her conventional Tumblrwave style."[21] Expanding, he said: "the euphoric house production contrasts with the melancholy aesthetic in that way that feels quintessentially Lana and, well, if nothing else, the track is straight fire."[21]

2012–13: Paradise[edit]

Title Year Details Ref.
Director Description
Blue Velvet 2012 Johan Renck In the video, Del Rey is singing the song in a low-lit room before an audience of pallid people, playing an Americana lounge singer dressed in a pink mohair sweater,She is then hypnotized.[22] Three women dressed identically to Del Rey sit on a couch and watch her coldly, at the end, a little man walks into the room, pulls out the plug for Del Rey's microphone, silencing her. Compared to the David Lynch film of the same name, [23][24][25][22][26]
Ride Anthony Mandler The film opens to Artist (played by Del Rey) while swinging on a tire swing in the middle of the desert. It continues to show her grazing the streets in streetwalker attire while attempting to hitch hike as a monologue about why she started prostituting plays in the background. Artist reveals that all her family and friends disappove of her lifestyle, but she doesn't care. Artist has multiple returning clients, or "lovers", that she eventually runs away from her home and lives her life out on the open road with. Artist gets to enjoy her new life living in motels, riding bikes in deserts, and performing in local dive bars, until one night one of her lovers tries to sexually assault her and Artist kills him in the middle of the desert, at the end of the film, Artist declares, "I am fucking crazy. But I am free." [27][28]
Burning Desire 2013 Anthony Shurmer Del Rey is in her usual lounge singer persona, interspersed with snippets of the Jaguar F-Type. [29][30]
Chelsea Hotel No. 2 Anthony Shurmer [31]
Summer Wine (with Barrie-James O'Neill) Lana Del Rey [32]
Young and Beautiful Chris Sweeney
Sophie Muller
Flanked by a full-string orchestra, Del Rey sings Dan Heath's Orchestral version of her song in 1920s art deco fashion. She is shown singing the song in a dark room with glittery diamond-tears on her cheek which look like tattoos. [33][34]
Young and Beautiful
(Cedric Gervais remix)
Chris Sweeney
Sophie Muller
An edit of the video set to the Cedric Gervais remix was published on 27 September 2013

2014: Ultraviolence[edit]

Title Year Details Ref.
Director Description
"West Coast" 2014 Vincent Haycock [35]
"Shades of Cool" Jake Nava [36]
"Ultraviolence" Francesco Carrozzini [37]

2015–16: Honeymoon[edit]

Title Year Details Ref.
Director Description
"Honeymoon" 2015 Francesco Carrozzini Filmed at Chateau Marmont in 2015.
"High by the Beach" Jake Nava
"Music to Watch Boys To" Kinga Burza
"Freak" 2016 Lana Del Rey Includes appearances by Father John Misty and Del Rey's younger sister, Chuck Grant. Most of the footage is highly rumored to have been originally intended for the song, "Ultraviolence".

2017: Lust for Life[edit]

Title Year Details Ref.
Director Description
"Love" 2017 Rich Lee Filmed during June and July 2016.
"Lust for Life" (featuring The Weeknd) Goes from outer space to Lana Del Rey, Lana Del Rey and two backup dancers dance, to Lana Del Rey climbing up the Hollywood Sign with Abel helping her up, Lana and Abel do a lot on the Hollywood sign until they run and slide off, they then fall into a patch of flowers, and goes from Lana Del Rey to outer space.
"White Mustang"


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