Lansdowne (electoral district)

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Lansdowne is a former provincial electoral division in Manitoba, Canada. It was created for the 1888 provincial election, and eliminated with the 1958 election.

Lansdowne was a rural constituency in the province's southwestern corner. For almost its entire history, it was considered safe for the Liberal Party and its successor, the Liberal-Progressive Party. Only two non-Liberals were ever elected for the division, and both were defeated after a single term. Tobias Norris, who served as Premier of Manitoba from 1915 to 1922, represented Lansdowne in the provincial legislature for twenty-one years.

After its elimination, parts of Lansdowne were included in the new constituency of Souris-Lansdowne.

Provincial representatives[edit]

  Name Party Took Office Left Office
  Edward Dickson (Canadian politician)
Liberal 1888 1896
  Tobias Norris
Liberal 1896 1903
  Harvey Hicks
Conservative 1903 1907
  Tobias Norris
Liberal 1907 1928
  Donald McKenzie
Liberal–Progressive 1928 1936
  Matthew R. Sutherland
Liberal–Progressive 1936 1949
  Thomas Seens
Progressive Conservative (Coalition) 1949 1950
  Progressive Conservative 1950 1953
  Matthew R. Sutherland
Liberal–Progressive 1953 1958