Electric Power System of the Balearic Islands

Description of the electric power supply of the Balearic Islands. On Menorca just a single power plant exist at Mahon at 39°53′49″N 4°15′31″E, it has a net generation capacity of 245 MW. From it 2 132 kV-lines run to Dragonera substation. Beside the connection between Mahon power station and Dragonera substation, there is a 132 kV-line interconnecting the following substations. A 132 kV-line links Ciutadella substation on Menorca with Es Bessons substation on Mallorca, it runs from Ciutadella substation overhead to Celan Bosch cable terminal at 39°55′55″N 3°50′1″E where the submarine cable to Mallorca starts. It ends at Cala Mesquida cable terminal at Cala Mesquida 39°44′19″N 3°25′38″E, where the overhead line to Es Bessons substation starts. On Ibiza and Formentera, there are two thermal power stations, one on Ibiza, the other on Formentera; the substations on Ibiza are interconnected together with Elvissa Power Station over a 69 kV-ring running from Elvissa Power Station via Torrent, Santa Eularia, Sant Antoni and Sant Jordi.

Beside this, there is a connection between San Antonio. Since 2007 a 69 kV-cable with a capacity of 50 MW connects the powergrid of Formentera with that of Ibiza; the terminals of this cable are Formentera Power Station. From Torrent a 132 kV three phase AC link to Santa Ponsa, Mallorca is under construction. There are four thermal power plants on Mallorca; the first two feed in the 220 kV-grid An HVDC cable with the name Cometa has been commissioned in August 2012. The converter substation is at Santa Ponsa 39°32′2″N 2°30′21″E, it will contain a 220 kV/132 kV-substation, from which a 132 kV submarine cable for three-phase AC will run to Torrent on Ibiza. The backbone of power supply of Mallorca is the 220 kV grid; the following stations are in service 2 lines interconnect Valldurgent with Son Reus, Llubi with Murterar PowerStation and Llubi with Es Bessons substation. A single ring-line interconnects Son Reus and Son Orlandis substation. New 220 kV-substations are planned/under construction at Santa Ponsa, Rafal and Lucmajor.

A three-phase 132 kV AC cable between Es Bessons and Ciutadella on Menorca is under construction. Distribution of electric power is done by 15 kV grids; the following 69 kV stations are in service. List of power stations in Spain Cometa

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