Overland Custom Coach

Overland Custom Coach, Inc is a London, Ontario-based builder of customized vehicles and buses. Established in 1981, it is a supplier of Tour, Shuttle & handicapped-accessible Low Floor and Lift Equipped buses to the Canadian Market with Sales to the US Market for ELF Product. Overland has manufacturing facilities in Brown City, Michigan. Markham Transit - 1 ELF125 - transferred to YRT York Region Transit - 17 ELF125 Toronto Transit Commission for Wheel-Trans - ELF122 and will be retired at end of 2016 Baycrest Hospital - Toronto, Ontario - ELF125 Halifax Metro Transit for MetroExpress - all retired Durham Region Transit - 1 ELF125 and 3 ELF128 acquired from Ajax-Pickering Transit ELF122 LOW FLOOR ELF125 LOW FLOOR ELF128 LOW FLOOR ELF Environmental LOW FLOOR ELF CNG LOW FLOOR Hybrid Electric ELF128 Glaval Universal Glaval Primetime Glaval Concorde Glaval Concorde II Glaval Titan Glaval Titan II Glaval Entourage Glaval Apollo Glaval Synergy Glaval Easy On GLF LOW FLOOR Starcraft Allstar Starcraft Starlite Starcraft Starquest Starcraft UltraStar Starcraft XLT Elkhart Coach EC II LF Cube Van LF Truck Home Page

The Theory of Everything (2006 film)

The Theory of Everything is a 2006 drama film directed by David de Vos. Doug is a flight owner of a pilot school. He, his wife Abby and their two daughters and Amanda face serious financial problems, as they are near financial ruin, need $300,000 to expand the pilot school. Doug has to work hard and has hardly any time for his family arriving at home late on Christmas Eve. During the meal Doug receives a phone call from a lawyer who informs him that his parents are not his biological parents, but that he was adopted by an open adoption by them; the lawyer asks him to come to a meeting, where problems concerning his biological father are to be discussed. The lawyer introduces him to his half sister, disowned from their father, her only interest is to have her father judged unfit. The lawyer asks whether they want to look after their father. If they would, they would take responsibility of him. Doug decides to do so without asking Abby. Doug goes to see his biological father, Dr. Gene Holland, who shoots at him with a gun when Doug arrives, only to subsequently recognize Doug as his son.

The house is in chaos. His only interest seems to be to find the solution for the Theory of everything an equation long regarded as the Holy Grail of physics, which Gene thinks may prove the existence of God. Doug tells him about his financial problems, Gene wants to help him, they find investors that give Doug the necessary capital. While celebrating, Gene is taken to the hospital. There, Doug is informed by a doctor who knows Gene well that Gene suffers from prion disease. Doug relates this to Abby, they decide to move in with Gene, as Doug knows that his father will die within six months to a year. Gene befriends Doug's family, tells them about Doug's biological mother, whom Gene loved much, died of cancer. Gene reveals that the reason he gave Doug up for adoption was that his wife decided to give birth to Doug and "go to Jesus" instead of undergoing radiation therapy; the illness halts Gene's studies, his daughter, manages to get a verdict that incapacitates Gene. The house is destroyed after the police take him out of the house and put him in a hospital.

Doug salvages Gene's work and brings it to the hospital, as Gene sees Doug as his last hope to help him to finish his work. Doug assists Gene in his work; some time Doug sees Gene in the garden of the hospital. Gene can remember Doug, he has forgotten what it was. Doug and Abby decide to abduct Gene and bring him via private plane to Alaska, where Gene can see the aurora borealis. Upon seeing the borealis, Gene says that he no longer fears death, as he thinks that he found the path to Jesus and his late wife, Lory; the Dove Worldview wrote. Dennis Amith writes that the film "is a wonderful Christian film". James Strickland wrote. 2007 Crown Award Winner - Best Picture 2007 Crown Award Winner - Best Evangelistic Film 2007 Crown Award Winner - Best Drama over $250,000 Homepage of "The Theory of Everything The Theory of Everything on IMDb The Theory of Everything on IMDb