Larvik Turn

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Larvik Turn
Full nameLarvik Turn & Idrettsforening
Founded1865 (club), 1906 (football group)
ChairmanSteinar Islan (club), Frank Duvholt (football group)
ManagerRobin Andreassen
LeagueThird Division
2011Third Division/ 5, 9th[1]

Larvik Turn & Idrettsforening is a Norwegian sports club that does football, handball, athletics, wrestling, and gymnastics.

The club was founded as early as 1865, and has been playing football since 1906; the football team was at its best during the 1950s, when it won the Norwegian Premier League three times; in 1953, 1955, and 1956. The club's only cup final appearance came in 1956, but this match was lost 2-1 to Skeid. Former Norwegian internationals Gunnar Thoresen, Hallvar Thoresen, Tom Sundby and Gunnar Halle have all played for Larvik Turn & I.F.

The most prominent representative of the athletics section is Lars Martin Kaupang, who had the Norwegian record in 1500 metres with 3:37.4 minutes from 30.June.76 until 29 April 2012.

League participations[edit]

First Level: 1937-1948 (League wasn't played between 1939-1947 due to German invasion), 1952–1962

Second Level: 1948-1952, 1963, 1973-1977 (5 seasons)

Third Level: 1964-1967 (4 seasons), 1970-1972 (3 seasons), 1978-1982 (5 seasons), 1988, 1997-1998 (2 seasons)

Fourth Level: 1968-1969 (2 seasons), 1983-1987 (5 seasons), 1989-1996 (8 seasons), 1999-


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