Las Merindades

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Las Merindades
Country Spain
Autonomous communityCastile and León Castile and León
ProvinceFlag of Burgos Burgos
CapitalFlag of Villarcayo Villarcayo
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Largest municipalityMedina de Pomar

Las Merindades is a comarca located north of the province of Burgos, in the autonomous community of Castile and León. It is bounded on the north-west by the province of Cantabria, north-east by the province of Biscay, south by La Bureba, south-east by Ebro, south-west by Páramos, and on the east by the province of Álava.


Located in the north of the province of Burgos, the Merindades are the birthplace of the name "Castilla". Most of the villages of the Merindades were quoted in the "Becerro de Behetrias" at the moment of the creation of the subdivision Merindad by Pedro of Castile.

Administrative Entities[edit]

The comarca capital is Villarcayo, although the biggest town in the comarca is Medina de Pomar.

Municipalities (26)[1][edit]

Comarcas of Burgos.

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  1. ^ In parentheses is the number of towns and minor local entities from each municipality

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Coordinates: 42°56′37″N 3°32′32″W / 42.94361°N 3.54222°W / 42.94361; -3.54222