Laser Hawk

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Laser Hawk
Publisher(s)Red Rat Software
Programmer(s)Andrew Bradfield
Artist(s)Harvey A. Kong Tin
Platform(s)Atari 8-bit
Genre(s)Scrolling shooter
Much action in level 5

Laser Hawk is a horizontally-scrolling shooter released in 1986 in England for the Atari 8-bit family. It was created in Dunedin, New Zealand and released by Red Rat Software; the programmer was Andrew Bradfield.[1] Graphics were created by Harvey A. Kong Tin.


Work on Laser Hawk started in 1985 and took about a year to complete.[2] Hawkquest was started in 1986 and finished in 1989.[2]

Laser Hawk was originally called Hot Copter by Bradfield. Red Rat Software came up with the name Laser Hawk.[2]


A review of Laser Hawk in the January 1987 issue of Atari User concluded, "While the game concept is perhaps getting a little long in the tooth, Red Rat has tweaked it nicely, treating it in a thoughtful and refreshing way. What it may lack in originality it makes up for in finesse." The overall score was 8 out of 10.[3]


Laser Hawk was later included in the 4 Star Compilation, Volume 1 published by Red Rat; the other games are Escape from Doomworld, Domain of the Undead, and Panic Express.[4]

The same team created the follow-up game, Hawkquest, released in 1989.[5] Harvey Kong Tin was responsible for the overall design;[6] the game used four floppy disk sides at 90K apiece.[2]


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