Laurier–Waterloo Park station

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Laurier–Waterloo Park
Laurier–Waterloo Park Station Oct 2017.jpg
Station structurally complete, October 2017
LocationWaterloo, Ontario
Coordinates43°28′08″N 80°32′04″W / 43.46899°N 80.53450°W / 43.46899; -80.53450Coordinates: 43°28′08″N 80°32′04″W / 43.46899°N 80.53450°W / 43.46899; -80.53450
PlatformsCentre platform
Disabled accessYes
Other information
OpenedJune 21, 2019 (2019-06-21)
Preceding station Grand River Transit Following station
University of Waterloo
toward Conestoga
Ion Waterloo Public Square
One-way operation
Willis Way
toward Fairway

Laurier–Waterloo Park is a stop on the Region of Waterloo's Ion rapid transit system.[1] It is located on Seagram Drive at the Waterloo Spur rail corridor, just inside Waterloo Park, it is the closest station to its namesake, Wilfrid Laurier University, whose main campus is about 500m east of the station.

Access to the platform is from both ends: from the north, directly from the Seagram Drive sidewalk; to the south, access to paths within the Park are available on either side of the tracks.

The station's feature wall consists of brown stone tiles with vertical striations.

The southbound track is also used by freight trains on the Waterloo Spur line, which serves industrial locations in Elmira; these trains only run in the overnight hours after LRT service has halted. To protect the station structure (and the trains themselves), a gauntlet track is in place alongside this station that offsets the freight track a small distance.

In addition to the park, nearby locations include University Stadium and the University of Waterloo's UW Place residences.


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