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Lazar Abramovich Shatskin (Лазарь Абрамович Шацкин, (1902-1937) was Soviet and international Communist functionary, one of the founders of Komsomol.

He was born to a wealthy Jewish family.[1] Joining the Bolshevik party in May 1917, he took part in establishment a number of youth organizations: МК РКСМ (Russian Young Communist League by the Moscow Committee of Boslhevik Party), Moscow Union of Working Youth, Komsomol, and the Young Communist International.[2]

First Secretary of the YCI (1919-1921), First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Russian Young Communist League (ЦК РКСМ, 1921-1922).

In 1930 he was a member of a group in opposition to Stalin, which Stalin described as "Right-Leftist bloc" (Право-левацкий блок).[3] In 1935 he was arrested and expelled from the Party, and shot in 1937.


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