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1913 cover of Le Pèlerin.

Le Pèlerin, today simply called Pèlerin, is a French weekly news magazine published in France.

History and profile[edit]

It was started as a newsletter in 1872.[1] Le Pèlerin was first published as a weekly magazine by the Assumptionists on 12 July 1873.[1] In 1877 it became an illustrated weekly.[1]

The magazine is owned and published by Bayard Presse.[1][2] It is one of the Catholic publications in France together with La Croix and Notre Temps.[3] All of them are part of Bayard Press.[3]

Pèlerin has three main sections: current news, religious and spiritual news, and news on family, recreation and culture.[4]

In 2010 the circulation of Pèlerin was 242,255 copies.[2]


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