Lee County School District (Georgia)

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Lee County School System
Lee County Board of Education, Leesburg.JPG
126 Starksville Avenue North


United States
Coordinates31°43′57″N 84°10′04″W / 31.732516°N 84.167903°W / 31.732516; -84.167903Coordinates: 31°43′57″N 84°10′04″W / 31.732516°N 84.167903°W / 31.732516; -84.167903[1]
SuperintendentDr. Jason B. Miller
GradesPre-school - 12
Georgia Accrediting Commission
Telephone(229) 903-2100
Fax(229) 903-2130

The Lee County School System is a public school system in Lee County, Georgia, United States, based in Leesburg. It serves the communities of Leesburg and Smithville, as well as the rest of the county.


The Lee County School System has two primany schools, two elementary schools, two middle schools, one 9th grade center, and one high school.[3]

Elementary schools[edit]

  • Kinchafoonee Primary School
  • Lee County Elementary School
  • Lee County Primary School
  • Twin Oaks Elementary

Middle schools[edit]

  • Lee County Middle School - East Campus
  • Lee County Middle School - West Campus

High school[edit]


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