Leerdam Broekgraaf railway station

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Leerdam Broekgraaf
Location Netherlands
Coordinates 51°53′39″N 5°05′40″E / 51.89417°N 5.09444°E / 51.89417; 5.09444Coordinates: 51°53′39″N 5°05′40″E / 51.89417°N 5.09444°E / 51.89417; 5.09444
Leerdam Broekgraaf is located in Netherlands
Leerdam Broekgraaf
Leerdam Broekgraaf
Location within Netherlands

Leerdam Broekgraaf was a planned railway station, in Leerdam, Netherlands.


The station was set to open in 2011. The station lies on the Merwede-Lingelijn (Dordrecht - Geldermalsen) and is located between Arkel and Leerdam. The station is primarily for western Leerdam and small settlements in the area. In 2016 the municipality of Leerdam announced that the station would not be build due to lack of funding.[1]

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