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Lefevre Gallery

The Lefevre Gallery was an art gallery in London, operated by Alex. Reid & Lefevre Ltd; the gallery was opened at 1a, King Street, St James's, in 1926, when rival art dealers Alexander Reid and Ernest Lefevre joined forces. Upon Reid's death in 1928, his son, A J McNeill Reid succeeded him. Lefevre resigned in 1931. In 1950, the gallery relocated to premises at Bruton Street, Mayfair. Among artists whose first British solo exhibitions were hosted by the gallery were Salvador Dali, Edgar Degas, Andre Derain, L S Lowry, Amedeo Modigliani, Henri Rousseau, Georges Seurat, It held the first London exhibitions for Bernard Buffet and Rene Magritte. Others who exhibited there included Francis Bacon, Lucian Freud, Walter Sickert, Wyndham Lewis and the East London Group; the gallery closed in 2002, citing competition from auction houses, changes in tax on works imported from outside the European Union, the introduction of droit de suite. The name lives on as'Lefevre Fine Art' founded the same year

Melanie Pullen

Melanie Pullen is an American photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles, California. Pullen was raised in the West Village; as a child her family consisted of writers, publishers and painters. Her childhood home was frequented in the 1970s and 1980s by Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg, Emily Glen and Shel Silverstein. Pullen at the age of six would sometimes perform in Washington Square Park with Philippe Petit in his neighborhood shows. Kathleen Guilfoyle, Pullen's mother, is a painter and supported her family through painting murals in Manhattan's Greenwich Village and through peddling her works on the streets of New York. Pullen's father, Wayne Pullen, played professional pool. Shortly after acquiring her first camera in her teens she began shooting for several publications, magazines and record labels, she photographed rock bands. Pullen is inspired by geometry, she loves lines and symmetry, she is most noted for High Fashion Crime Scenes which consists of over one-hundred photographs based on NYPD and LAPD crime scene files.

Pullen's monograph High Fashion Crime Scenes received critical acclaim from Spin. To create High Fashion Crime Scenes, Pullen employed the services of up to 80 crew members and models per picture, with each image taking up to a month to create, the series using over $13 million worth of clothing and accessories, her photo shoots resemble movie sets. High Fashion Crime Scenes in particular was inspired by photojournalism. During her research into crime-scene photography, Pullen became haunted by war imagery. Pullen states, "As I grew desensitized to domestic crime and violence, I became more sensitized to images of war, it was a strange phenomenon that I philosophized. I don't like violence, I have never been a dark person. I see different layers to violent imagery. I'm curious about the response people have to violent images." This became Pullen's inspiration for Violent Times, her more recent body of work and most elaborate series to date. High Fashion Crime Scenes. One Picture Book 78. Nazraeli Press.

ISBN 978-1590051368. With an introduction by Luke Crisell and essays by both Robert Enright and Colin Westerbech. Edition of 500 copies. 2004: High Fashion Crime Scenes, Presented by Los Angeles County Museum of Art's 10th Annual Muse Art Walk, Los Angeles, CA 2010: High Fashion Crime Scenes, Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles 2011: Project Atrium: Melanie Pullen, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville, Jacksonville FL Official website New York Times Interview, 2004

District 2, Düsseldorf

District 2 is a city district of Düsseldorf, the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. The district has about 57,000 inhabitants. District 2 is the smallest of all districts in Düsseldorf and next to the central city district 1, it is the only of Düsseldorf's districts to not touch the city limits. Starting clockwise from North-west to South-west, District 2 borders with the following Düsseldorf districts: 1, 6, 7, 8 and 3. District 2 is made up of three Stadtteile: Eisstadion, Düsseltal Pauluskirche, Düsseltal Zoopark The district is served by numerous railway stations and highway. Stations include Düsseldorf Zoo, Düsseldorf Flingern and a dense net of both Düsseldorf Stadtbahn underground- and Rheinbahn tram-stations; the districts can be reached via Bundesautobahn 57 and Bundesstraße 7 and 8. Districts of Düsseldorf Media related to Districts of Düsseldorf at Wikimedia Commons Official webpage of the district

Turtle Dove Shoal

Turtle Dove Shoal is a dangerous shoal about three kilometres wide, located at 29°25′S 114°12′E, in the Indian Ocean about fifty kilometres south of the Houtman Abrolhos, off the coast of Western Australia. The shoal was first charted on a 1627 map by Hessel Gerritsz, where it was labelled as the "Tortelduyff" rocks; the name is thought to signify that the shoal was first discovered by the ship Tortelduif, recorded as having arrived at Batavia, Dutch East Indies on 21 June 1623. It was laid down in latitude 29° 11' S, as a result voyages failed to locate it. In his 1825 Narrative of a survey of the intertropical and western coasts of Australia, Phillip Parker King suggested that they were the southernmost reef of the Houtman Abrolhos. In 1846, John Lort Stokes took the same position: "...t noon we were in lat. 29° 11' S. on the position assigned to a reef called the Turtle Dove. From the masthead I could see nothing indicating a shoal. Captain King passed near this position, remarks not seeing it.

The Colonial schooner Champion, in beating to the southward, has passed over and near its assigned position, I think we may infer that there is no such reef as the Turtle Dove, that it originated from the south end of the Abrolhos reef, ten miles N. N. W. of it, being seen." Turtle Dove Shoal is featured in the movie Storm Surfers 3D A 3D adventure into the world of big wave surfing with Aussie tow-surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones and two-time World Champion Tom Carroll


Wellywood is an informal name for the city of Wellington, New Zealand. The name—a conflation of Wellington and Hollywood—is a reference to the film production business established in the city by The Lord of the Rings film director Sir Peter Jackson, Wellington-based special effects companies Weta Workshop and Weta Digital; the businesses operate a number of film-related facilities in the Wellington suburb of Miramar. In March 2010, the Wellington Airport company announced plans to erect a Hollywood-style sign Wellywood on a hillside next to the Miramar cutting. After the airport considered a range of alternatives, it was announced in May 2011 that the Wellywood sign would be going ahead; however this was met with enormous criticism, on 1 June 2011 it was announced that a panel would be convened to consider alternative sign options. The panel ran a binding public poll on The Dominion Post website with the'Wellington Blown Away' design being chosen; the sign was erected 27 July 2012. List of Hollywood-inspired nicknames Cinema of New Zealand Park Road Post Weta Digital Joint Wellington regional initiative to support Wellywood Holding back Wellywood Massey University news article Welcome to Wellywood Article on the premiere of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Original Anti-Wellywood Facebook page Wellywood Sign Generator Wellingtonians Against the Wellywood Sign Facebook page created May 2011

Mika Oguma

Mika Oguma is a female announcer for Nippon TV. She was from Shizuoka, her place of birth is Tokyo. She had lived in Saitama Prefecture in the past, she joined in a campus park with Yoshie Takeuchi, Masako Yagi, Yuka Aiuchi and others who became announcers in the same year at other stations. Now there are friends with Takeuchi, she graduated from Sophia University Foreign Language Department English studies. She has been studying in Canada for a year while attending Kirayama High School, she joined Nippon TV in April 2008 after graduating from university. When the performers of Radio De Culture rushed into the entrance ceremony, she appeared in the interview from the performers. From 1 April 2009, She was in charge of the first crown programme at Oguma no Bear Heya, she was selected as a member of the announcer unit Bears formed on 9 July 2009. From 7 October 2009 she served as the main caster for the first time at Oha!4 News Live. She served as a sub-caster at news every. Starting on 29 March 2010.

In the following year, she won the position of the news caster in October and served as the successor of Izumi Maruoka. She married a male non-celebrity office worker on 10 August 2013. On 21 March 2014, she graduated from news every. On 31 March, she joined Zip! as the second generation news caster. On 17 February 2017, she reported her first child pregnancy within the programme Zip! On 31 March 2017, while serving as a news caster for Zip! for about three years, she graduated from the programme with her maternity leave. Erika Tokushima acted. On 30 May 2017, she retired from Kewpie 3-bun Cooking, in which she served since 2012, she gave birth to her first child on 24 July 2017. On 18 December 2017 I plan to retire from Nippon TV which she served for ten years as she "would like to devote myself to child rearing after the first baby", she has an experience of playing swimming in her school days. Her possession qualifications are the first class type license for ordinary automobile and Level 1 for English proficiency test.

Her hobbies are washing on holidays, strolling at night, eating healthy food. Her special skills are playing the singing gospel, her special cuisine is oyakodon. The food she dislikes are bell peppers When she was a cast member of Zoom In!! Super, she was called Oguman by her co-stars Shinichi Hatori, Takeshi Tanaka and Layla Okuhama at the time. Sports broadcasting such as football Nittele Up Date! Uchimura Terrace RegularIchioshi!! Nittele Ana-chan Rookies Zoom In!! Super - Weather corner "Kuma Tore" Oha!4 News Live Oguma no Bear Heya Bakana Furi shite Kiite mita news every. Zip! Kewpie 3-bun Cooking One-offRadio De Culture Tensai!! Company Asu no Tenki NFL Club Tensai! Shimura Dōbutsuen – Pankun's social studies training, as new announcer. Showed off her gospel singing. Touch! eco 2009 Ima, Watashitachi ni dekiru koto. Zoom In!! Super × News Zero event reporter Shōten Announcer Ōgiri Monomane Grand Prix Captain! TV News Zero – Football World Cup Japan vs Denmark, relaying from the Danish Embassy's last appearance Hirunandesu!

24 Hour Television Kensuke Sasaki Family Charity Marathon Commentary Hana no Tele Kana-chan Part 1 Guests on the day before the talk show at "Telegraph Hospitality Festa" NNN Straight News TVXQKiss the Baby Sky Cast appearance with three people with announcers Shinichi Hatori and Yukari Nishio Satoshi Kato Yoshiaki Sato Nippon TV Announcer Mika Oguma profile