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Basket League
Lega Basket
Sport Basketball
Founded 1970
CEO Fernando Marino
Country Italy Italy
Continent FIBA Europe (Europe)
Official website www.legabasket.it (in Italian)

The Lega Basket (officially: Lega Società di Pallacanestro Serie A,[1][2] English: Basket League) is the organizing body, as delegated by the Italian Basketball Federation, of the top division of Italian professional men's basketball league, the Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) (English: Basket League A Series). It is composed of the clubs that participate in the Lega Basket Serie A. It is headquartered in Bologna, Italy.

Basket League is a founding member of ULEB.[3] Basket League organizes the LBA, the Italian Cup, the Italian Supercup, and the Italian All Star Game. Discussions have been held as to the possibility of Basket League gaining more autonomy, similarly to that of the corresponding football organization, Lega Serie A.[4] The current president of Basket League is Fernando Marino.[5]


Basket League was officially incorporated on May 27, 1970 in Milan,[6] and included the clubs that participated in both the first division Serie A and the second division Serie A2. On June 20, 2001, it changed to include just the first division Serie A clubs.


Presidents of Basket League from 1970 to present.[7]

  • 1970–72: 0000Adalberto Tedeschi
  • 1972–77: 0000Giancarlo Tesini
  • 1977–79: 0000Gianni Corsolini
  • 1979–84: 0000Luciano Acciari
  • 1984–92: 0000Gianni De Michelis
  • 1992–94: 0000Giulio Malgara
  • 1994–96: 0000Roberto Allievi
  • 1996–98: 0000Angelo Rovati
  • 1998–00: 0000Alfredo Cazzola
  • 2000–01: 0000Sergio D'Antoni
  • 2001–02: 0000Marco Madrigali
  • 2002–07: 0000Enrico Prandi
  • 2007: 0000000Umberto Pieraccioni
  • 2007–08: 0000Francesco Corrado[8]
  • 2009–14: 0000Valentino Renzi
  • 2014: 0000000Fernando Marino
  • 2016–present: Egidio Bianchi

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