Second Noah

Second Noah is a television drama, broadcast in the United States on ABC television from February 5, 1996 to June 8, 1997. The series stars Daniel Hugh Kelly as Noah Beckett, whose wife Jesse is a veterinarian at Busch Gardens in Florida. Noah is a former basketball coach, now a writer working on a second book, to be titled The Ark, after his first effort has sold over 2,000,000 copies. Noah and Jesse have a tendency to take in both stray animals and stray children, having adopted eight, their oldest adopted child was Ricky. He had fathered a child, when he was fourteen with his girlfriend Kaylie. Noah and Jesse adopted Ben. Kaylie, daughter of a wealthy family, left town during her pregnancy and did not return until after Ben's birth. Ricky and Kaylie were not together for most of the series. Instead, Ricky was with Darby, played by Joey Lauren Adams; the series pilot tells the story of how the Becketts came to adopt children #7 and 8, Roxanna and Luis. Starting with the first non-pilot episode of the show and Luis are played by different actors, Erika Page and Jeffrey Licon respectively.

Roxanna is not accepted at her new high school and she and Ricky develop a friendship as he tries to stand up for her. Luis is a chronic liar. Ranny and Danny, played by Jon and Jeremy Torgerson, are twins a little younger than Ricky and Roxanna, they have been adopted by the Becketts for the longest. Ranny is more of a "bad boy". Danny is shy. Bethany and Hannah are the same age but Hannah was adopted later, they are close to each other and this is highlighted by the fact that Hannah speaks outside of the family and Bethany must speak for her in various situations. Hannah's mother kept her locked in a closet with little human contact prior to her adoption by the Becketts and she continues to seek comfort by hiding in closets during stressful situations. In the series, a man is introduced whom Bethany believes to be her father, though the show remains ambiguous on the truth of that claim, it is worthwhile to note that Bethany is Black and Hannah is White and racial tensions are explored around these characters.

In the pilot, the Becketts find a housekeeper, who becomes part of the family. Her son, JoJo, appears in town at some point and we learn that he used to be a drug addict and that Shirley blames him for the death of her other son, Robbie. Shirley believed. There is a romance between Roxanna and Shirley's son in four episodes, "The Big Hurt". According to various conversations throughout episodes, the order of the children's adoption is as follows: In episode 9, "The Big Chief", when Jesse explained to her father why she and Noah had no biological children, she mentioned how, when on a romantic getaway in New Orleans they saw "a newspaper article about two twins whose mother had abandoned them", which means that both Ranny and Danny were the first to be adopted. In episode 7, "Ghost Story", Noah and Jesse reminisce on how they adopted Bethany at "two and a half years old", when they saw her "singing for her supper on the corner of Brighten and Broadway" in Tampa. Since Ranny and Danny are only two years older than Bethany, it is clear that Bethany was adopted second.

It is vague as to when they adopted Ricky and Hannah, because there is no direct quote explaining it. We know that Ricky fathered Ben at fourteen, some while after he, himself was adopted; as far as Hannah is concerned, we know that she was adopted at least a year or two before her appearance in the pilot, because of her close relationship with Bethany. After Ben was born, we were told in episode 19 that Jesse and Noah picked him up from the adoption agency in Boston right after he was born; the reason he was born in Boston is. She did not return for four years, namely the episode "Heart Matters." Luis and Roxanna were the last to be adopted. Luis was first, since in the pilot and Noah were still trying to find Roxanna. Therefore, the adoption order is as follows: 1. Ranny 2. Danny 3. Bethany 4. Ricky 5. Hannah 6. Ben 7. Luis 8. Roxanna Many animals have had major roles in various episodes. In episode 2, "Hoops and Dreams", Jesse took care of a monkey named "Caesar" after his mother, "Chloe" had died. In episode 4, "Stormy Weather", an alligator came into the house through a dog door during Hurricane Betsy.

There was another alligator who attacked Luis when he was trying to find their pet pig, Homer. In episode 10, a grey parrot, was found and Jesse brought it home to be Ben's pet. In episode 11, "A Dog's Life", Ricky saves an abused dog from his owner. In episode 17, "Slings and Arrows", Jesse is concerned about two rhinos who, like herself at one point, had trouble conceiving. In episode 14, it was revealed the Jessie, suffering from a "mysterious ailment" in the previous episode, was pregnant at 41 years of age, she revealed that the conception took place when both she and Noah visited New Orleans in episode 4, "Stormy Weather." This pregnancy was a major change in the series, because the basic premise for why Jesse and Noah adopted so many children was because of her infertility. At the new

Monk (season 1)

The first season of Monk aired in the United States on USA Network from July 12 to October 18, 2002, which consisted of 13 episodes. Tony Shalhoub, Bitty Schram, Ted Levine, Jason Gray-Stanford were introduced as portraying the main characters. Tony Shalhoub portrayed Adrian Monk, the title character, an OCD homicide detective from San Francisco, removed from the force after the murder of his wife. A DVD of the season was released on June 15, 2003. David Hoberman was the first to sign on to the ABC project, pitching a show about a "cop with obsessive-compulsive disorder." He invited Andy Breckman to become the show's creator, who would develop the show and become the show runner. Breckman accepted, became the creator of Monk. Breckman wrote a script for the pilot episode, which he called "Mr. Monk and the Candidate", it was to be an hour-long pilot, but due to lead actor Tony Shalhoub's prior contract limitations, it was forced to become a feature-length made-for-TV movie. Dean Parisot was selected to direct the pilot episode.

He would not return to the series until the final season, for "Mr. Monk and the Badge". Various other directors were hired for the subsequent episodes, including Randall Zisk and Adam Arkin. Writers for the season included Tom Scharpling, David Breckman, Hy Conrad, among others. Conrad was nominated for an Edgar Award for his work on "Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation". Jeff Beal was hired to write the theme song. Casting for the show began as early as 1998, when Monk was being developed for ABC. By the time Tony Shalhoub was chosen for the role of Adrian Monk, USA Network had taken over the project, several prominent actors had been considered for the part; such actors included Dave Foley, John Ritter, Henry Winkler, Stanley Tucci, Alfred Molina, most Michael Richards. Tucci and Molina would go on to guest star in the series in "Mr. Monk and the Actor" and "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man", respectively. David Hoberman, executive producer of the show, stated, "I can't express how depressing those casting sessions were."

He went on to say that "we had people coming in doing tics and Tourette's syndrome." However, Shalhoub was given the part of the obsessive-compulsive detective. The role of Sharona Fleming was difficult to cast. In the story notes, her character was described as "Sassy. Outspoken. No BS." Queen Latifah was one of the many actresses considered. Stottlemeyer was much easier to cast, with Ted Levine being one of the earliest choices for the sometimes-annoyed but forgiving captain of the SFPD. Jason Gray-Stanford was cast in the pilot as a minor role. However, after production, Andy Breckman is said to have pulled Gray-Stanford aside, where he asked if he would like to be a costar. Gray-Stanford said yes, the role of Randy Disher, the oblivious but lovable SFPD lieutenant, was created. Breckman stated "I couldn't have imagined doing it without him."Stanley Kamel was given the recurring part of Monk's beloved psychiatrist, Dr. Charles Kroger. In the pilot episode, however, he was given a starring credit.

Kane Ritchotte and Max Morrow were chosen to portray Benjy Fleming, Sharona's son, throughout several episodes. Amy Sedaris appeared as Sharona's sister Gail. Stellina Rusich, a Canadian actress, was given the part of Trudy Monk, Monk's wife, murdered in a car bomb five years before the series began. Rusich appeared in one subsequent episode. For the first appearance in the series of recurring villain "Dale the Whale", Adam Arkin played the part, taken over by Tim Curry. Other prominent guest stars, many but not all Canadian, were chosen for the season, including Brooke Adams, Hrant Alianak, David Anderson, Ben Bass, John Bourgeois, Cameron Daddo, Jennifer Dale, Tim Daly, Maria del Mar, Polly Draper, Robin Duke, Fred Ewanuick, Michael Hogan, Rob LaBelle, Jenny Levine, Linda Kash, J. C. MacKenzie, Carl Marotte, Garry Marshall, Stephen McHattie, Kevin Nealon, Willie Nelson, Gail O'Grady, Peter Outerbridge, Christopher Shyer, Jessica Steen. A listed next to a viewership number indicates the number of household viewers, a indicates the number of viewers aged 25-54.

These are only used. The first season received positive reviews from critics. On Metacritic, the first season holds a 75 out of 100 based on 21 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews". Outstanding Actor – Comedy Series Outstanding Main Title Theme Music Best Actor – Musical or Comedy Series Season 1 was filmed in Toronto, Canada