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Tiny Orchid
Lepanthopsis floripecten.jpg
Lepanthopsis floripecten
Scientific classification


Expedicula Luer

Lepanthopsis, abbreviated as Lpths in horticultural trade, is a genus of orchids with about 43 currently known species. They are distributed mostly in the Andes and the Caribbean, with some species in Central America, southern Mexico and Florida.[1][2] Lepanthopsis orchids are very small, often with flowers measuring less than 1 centimeter across.[3]


Species accepted as of June 2014:[1]

  1. Lepanthopsis abbreviata Luer & Hirtz
  2. Lepanthopsis acetabulum Luer
  3. Lepanthopsis acuminata Ames
  4. Lepanthopsis anthoctenium (Rchb.f.) Ames
  5. Lepanthopsis apoda (Garay & Dunst.) Luer
  6. Lepanthopsis aristata Dod
  7. Lepanthopsis astrophora (Rchb.f. ex Kraenzl.) Garay
  8. Lepanthopsis atrosetifera Dod
  9. Lepanthopsis barahonensis (Cogn.) Garay
  10. Lepanthopsis calva Dod ex Luer
  11. Lepanthopsis comet-halleyi Luer
  12. Lepanthopsis constanzensis (Cogn.) Garay
  13. Lepanthopsis cucullata Dod
  14. Lepanthopsis culiculosa Luer
  15. Lepanthopsis densiflora (Barb.Rodr.) Ames
  16. Lepanthopsis dewildei Luer & R.Escobar
  17. Lepanthopsis dodii Garay
  18. Lepanthopsis farrago (Luer & Hirtz) Luer
  19. Lepanthopsis floripecten (Rchb.f.) Ames
  20. Lepanthopsis glandulifera Dod
  21. Lepanthopsis hirtzii Luer
  22. Lepanthopsis hotteana (Mansf.) Garay
  23. Lepanthopsis lingulata Dod
  24. Lepanthopsis melanantha (Rchb.f.) Ames
  25. Lepanthopsis micheliae Dod
  26. Lepanthopsis microlepanthes (Griseb.) Ames
  27. Lepanthopsis moniliformis Dod
  28. Lepanthopsis obliquipetala (Ames & C.Schweinf.) Luer
  29. Lepanthopsis ornipteridion Dod
  30. Lepanthopsis peniculus (Schltr.) Garay
  31. Lepanthopsis pristis Luer & R.Escobar
  32. Lepanthopsis prolifera Garay
  33. Lepanthopsis pulchella Garay & Dunst.
  34. Lepanthopsis purpurata Dod ex Luer
  35. Lepanthopsis pygmaea C.Schweinf.
  36. Lepanthopsis rinkei Luer
  37. Lepanthopsis serrulata (Cogn.) Hespenh. & Garay
  38. Lepanthopsis stellaris Dod
  39. Lepanthopsis steyermarkii Foldats
  40. Lepanthopsis ubangii Luer
  41. Lepanthopsis vellozicola R.C.Mota, F.Barros & Stehmann
  42. Lepanthopsis vinacea C.Schweinf.
  43. Lepanthopsis woodsiana Dod ex Luer


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