Les plus belles escroqueries du monde

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Les plus belles escroqueries du monde
Les plus belles escroqueries du monde.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed byClaude Chabrol
Jean-Luc Godard
Ugo Gregoretti
Hiromichi Horikawa
Roman Polanski
Produced byPierre Roustang
Written byGérard Brach
Claude Chabrol
Paul Gégauff
Jean-Luc Godard
Ugo Gregoretti
Roman Polanski
StarringCatherine Deneuve
Charles Denner
Jean Seberg
Mie Hama
Music bySerge Gainsbourg
Pierre Jansen
Krzysztof Komeda
Michel Legrand
Keitaro Miho
Piero Umiliani
CinematographyRaoul Coutard
Tonino Delli Colli
Jerzy Lipman
Asakazu Nakai
Jean Rabier
Edited byJacques Gaillard
Agnès Guillemot
Rita van Royen
Hervé de Luze
  • Ulysse Productions
  • Primex Films
  • Lux Films
  • Vides
  • Toho
  • Caesar Films[1]
Release date
  • August 1964 (1964-08) (France)
  • October 4, 1964 (1964-10-04) (Japan)
  • 1964 (1964) (Italy)
Running time
111 minutes
  • France
  • Netherlands
  • Japan
  • Italy[1]
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • Italian[1]
Box office$679,824[2]

Les plus belles escroqueries du monde (English: The World's Most Beautiful Swindlers) is a 1964 film composed of five segments, each of which was created with a different set of writers, directors, and actors.[3]



Les plus belles escroqueries du monde was released in France in August 1964, in Italy in 1964 and in Japan on October 4, 1964.[1] The film was released in the United States by Ellis Films and Continental Distributing.[1] It was released in the United States on September 12, 1967.[1]

The film was unavailable for many decades, until it was restored and released on home video in France on September 23, 2016[4] and in the US on April 25, 2017.[5] However Roman Polanski's segment of the film, "A River of Diamonds", was removed, at his direct request, and that portion is thus still unavailable.[6]


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