Let's Eat at Home!

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Let's Eat at Home!
Created by Julia Vysotskaya
Country of origin Russia
Original language(s) Russian
No. of seasons 8
Running time 25-30 minutes
Original network NTV Sunday, 9:25am (GMT+3)
STB Saturday 9:00am (GMT+3)
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Let's Eat at Home (Russian: Едим дома!, translit. Edim doma!) is a cooking show hosted by Julia Vysotskaya. The series has been airing live on NTV and STB television channels since 2003.

Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya[edit]

A spinoff titled Breakfast with Julia Vysotskaya aired on NTV channel from 2009 until 2016.


In 2009, Julia launched the cooking social network edimdoma.ru which facilitates the sharing of recipes.

The "Let's Eat at Home" book[edit]

Julia Vysotskaya's first book of "Let's Eat at Home" recipes came out in December, 2005.

  1. 2006 — "Let's Eat at Home. Recipes by Julia Vysotskaya"
  2. 2007 — "Let's Eat at Home all Year Round"
  3. 2007 — "Gloss"
  4. 2008 — "Let's Eat at Home Every Day"
  5. 2008 — "Tasty Notes"
  6. 2009 — "I Eat, I Run, I Live"
  7. 2010 — "Cooking for Kids of All Ages"
  8. 2010 — "New Year Recipes"
  9. 2011 — "One, Two and Ready"

"Let's Eat at Home!" DVD[edit]

  1. 2007 - "Let's Eat at Home!"
  2. 2009 – "The Party Starts in the Kitchen"
  3. 2009 – "Picnics"
  4. 2009 – "Happy New Year's!"

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