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Let's Get Together Now is an official local song used as an anthem for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. Performed by the supergroup Voice of Korea/Japan (Lena Park and Brown Eyes (band) for South Korea and Sowelu and Chemistry for Japan), it was released in three separate versions: a full Japanese version, a full Korean version (with some English at the end), and a merged version which combines the lyrics of the two versions; the last of the three was included in the official soundtrack album and was performed in the opening ceremonies in Seoul on May 31, 2002.

Composed by Daisuke Kawaguchi and Kim Hyung-Suk and written by Yoshimitsu Sawamoto, Kiyoshi Matsuo, Park, and Kim, the lyrics tell spirit of gathering and coming together as one, as with the theme of the two countries in co-hosting the said event. Although this is not the official theme song (which is Boom by Anastacia), this song proves to be popular.

The single was certified gold by the RIAJ in March 2002.[1]

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