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Let’s Pizza is the name of a vending machine that makes fresh pizza from scratch. It was developed by Italian company Sitos srl.

A Let's Pizza vending machine in the Milan-Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy.


The machine combines water, flour, tomato sauce, and fresh ingredients to make a pizza in approximately three minutes. It includes windows so customers can watch the pizza as it is made.[1] The pizza is cooked in an infrared oven. The device was invented by Claudio Torghele, an entrepreneur in Rovereto, Italy.[2] The vending machine began in Italy and is now spreading into the United Kingdom and becoming popular there.[3] The machine is made to create 100 pizzas before it needs to be refilled with its ingredients. It requires a weekly cleaning of about 45 minutes, and it also requires a daily cleaning that takes about 10 minutes.[4]

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