Letychiv Fortress

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The only surviving tower of the fortress.

Letychiv Fortress is a complex of limestone walls built in 1598 by Jan Potocki to defend Podolia from the regular raids of the Crimean Tatars. The north-western tower, the eastern wall and parts of the southern wall still stand in the town of Letychiv, Ukraine; the most prominent feature on the grounds of the fortress is the Baroque church of the Assumption (1606-1638, rebuilt 1724). There's also a statue of Ustym Karmaliuk, a rebel leader buried at Letychiv. During World War II, the castle served as a notorious slave labor camp.

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Coordinates: 49°23′6.1″N 27°37′27.21″E / 49.385028°N 27.6242250°E / 49.385028; 27.6242250