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Coordinates: 60°05′38″N 30°11′26″E / 60.09389°N 30.19056°E / 60.09389; 30.19056 Levashovo Memorial Cemetery (Russian: Левашовское мемориальное кладбище) is a cemetery of victims of Soviet repressions during the Great Purge, at Levashovo, Saint Petersburg. Since the NKVD mass graves were opened to the public in 1989, more than 22 memorials have been erected, most notably the Moloch of Totalitarianism statue by sculptors Nina Galitskaia and Vitali Gambarov.[1] In 2007, a memorial to Italians who died in the Soviet Gulag [2] was added to the site.

In Russian, the area is referred to as the Levashovskaya Pustosh' (Russian: Левашовская пустошь), literally, Levashovo Wasteland.

On the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Political Repressions (October 30), ceremonies are organized at the site by the City of St. Petersburg.

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