Libertarian Party of Georgia

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Libertarian Party of Georgia
Chairperson Ted Metz
Founded 1971
Headquarters 1776 Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA 30309
Ideology Libertarianism[1]
Fiscal conservatism[3]
Economic liberalism[3]
Cultural liberalism[3]
Classical liberalism[3]
National affiliation Libertarian Party (United States)
Colors      Gold

Founded in 1971, The Libertarian Party of Georgia is a state affiliate of the United States Libertarian Party.

Executive committee[4][edit]

Name Position
Ted Metz Chairman
Ryan Graham Vice Chairman
Matthew Godown Treasurer
Jason McGraw Secretary
Nathan Wilson Executive Director
(open position) Operations Director
(open position) Legislative Director
(open position) Political Director
(open position) Technology Director


2018 Candidates[5][edit]

The Libertarian Party annual convention was February 3, 2018. The following candidates were nominated:

  • Ted Metz, Governor
  • J. Smythe DuVal, Secretary of State
  • Ryan Graham, Public Service Commission District 3
  • John Turpish, Public Service Commission District 5
  • Donnie Foster, Insurance Commission
  • Aaron Gilmer, US House 9
  • Martin Cowan, US House 13
  • Jay Strickland, Georgia House 42
  • Patrick Marcacci, Georgia House 52
  • Demond Kennedy, Georgia House 90
  • David McCaigue, US House 5
  • Stephanie Grande, Agriculture Commissioner

2016 Candidates[edit]

  • Ted Metz, United States Senate (lost at March 5, 2016 convention)

2015 Candidates[edit]

  • Christine Austin, State House 50
  • Chris Coughlin, Johns Creek City Council

2014 Candidates[edit]

  • Andrew Hunt, Governor
  • Amanda Swafford, US Senate
  • Ted Metz, Insurance Commissioner
  • John Monds, Public Service Commission District 1
  • Aaron Gilmer, Public Service Commission District 4
  • Jeff Amason, State House 21

2013 Candidates[edit]

  • Karen Richardson, Johns Creek City Council Post
  • Brett Bittner, Marietta City School Board
  • Walter Reynolds, Milledgeville City Council
  • Dr. Jeff Bivins, State Senate 11
  • James Camp, State Senate 30

2012 Candidates[edit]

  • Brad Ploeger, Public Service Commission District 3
  • David Staples, Public Service Commission District 5
  • Brett Bittner, Marietta City Schools (1)
As an endorsed Independent
  • Tim Nelson, Lee County Commission (4)

2011 Candidates[edit]

  • Doug Craig, Griffin City Commission (4)
  • Lance Lamberton, Austell City Council (4)
  • Amanda Swafford, Flowery Branch City Council
  • William Costa, Gwinnett County Commission Chair

2010 Candidates[edit]

  • Chuck Donovan, US Senate
  • John Monds, Governor
  • Dan Barber, Lieutenant Governor
  • David Chastain, Secretary of State
  • Don Smart, Attorney General
  • Kira Willis, State School Superintendent
  • Shane Bruce, Commissioner of Insurance
  • Kevin Cherry, Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Will Costa, Commissioner of Labor
  • Dr. Jim Sendelbach, Public Service Commission District 2
  • Taylor Bryant, Richmond County School Board (6)
  • Amanda Swafford, Flowery Branch City Council
  • David Montané, State Senate 42
  • Brandon Givens, State Senate 49
  • Taylor Bryant, State Senate 22

2009 Candidates[edit]

  • Chris Neill, Marietta Mayor
  • Karen Richardson, John's Creek City Council
  • Jeff Sexton, Leesburg City Council
  • Kellie Weeks, Gainesville School Board
  • Dr. Thomas Smoot, Valdosta School Board

2008 candidates[edit]

  • Allen Buckley, US Senate
  • John Monds, Public Service Commission District 1 - the first Libertarian in the country to receive more than 1 Million votes (1,076,780 or 33.4%)
  • Brandon Givens, Public Service Commission District 4
  • Kevin Madsen, Loganville City Council

2007 candidates[edit]

  • Jim Sendelbach, US House of Representatives, 10th District Special Election
  • Heather Hibben, Acworth City Council Post 2
  • Arnie Garrett, Duluth City Council (5)
  • Joshua Patterson, Hampton City Council
  • David Corr, Macon City Council (2) Post 1

2006 candidates[edit]

  • Garrett Hayes, Governor
  • Allen Buckley, Lt. Governor
  • Kevin Madsen, Secretary of State
  • David Chastain, State School Superintendent
  • Jack Cashin, Commissioner of Agriculture
  • Paul MacGregor, Public Service Commission District 3
  • Kevin Cherry, Public Service Commission District 5
  • Jim Sendelbach, State Senate 43
  • John Monds, Grady County School Board District 2

Currently elected officials[edit]

  • Walter Reynolds, Milledgeville City Council

Previously elected officials[edit]

  • Jeff Edgens, Irwinton City Council
  • Ben Brandon, Dade County Executive
  • Bruce E. VanBuren, Avondale Estates Mayor Pro-Tem, Avondale Estates City Commission
  • Jerry Meyer, Hoschton City Council
  • Dewayne Methaney, Auburn City Commission
  • Mike Hanson, Brooks Town Council
  • Jim Lenahan, Suwanee Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Amanda Swafford, Flowery Branch City Council
  • Karen Richardson, Johns Creek City Council
  • Freddie Odom, Bluffton City Council
  • Brett Bittner, Marietta City Schools

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