Libertarian Party of New Mexico

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Libertarian Party of New Mexico
Chairperson Chris Luchini
Senate leader None
House leader None
Founded 1971
Ideology Libertarianism
National affiliation Libertarian Party (United States)
Colors a shade of Blue; Yellow
Seal of New Mexico.svg
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The Libertarian Party of New Mexico is the New Mexico affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is Chris Luchini.

After former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson's performance in the state's 2016 presidential election (9.34%), the Libertarian Party gained major party status in New Mexico.[1] There are currently 6,602 registered Libertarians in the state.[2]

Vote totals for Libertarian candidates in New Mexico[edit]

U.S. President[edit]

Year Candidate Votes Percentage
1976 Roger MacBride 1,110 0.27%
1980 Ed Clark 4,365 0.96%
1984 David Bergland 4,459 0.87%
1988 Ron Paul 3,268 0.63%
1992 Andre Marrou 1,615 0.28%
1996 Harry Browne 2,996 0.54%
2000 2,058 0.34%
2004 Michael Badnarik 2,382 0.31%
2008 Bob Barr 2,428 0.29%
2012 Gary Johnson 27,788 3.55%
2016 74,541 9.34%


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