Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania

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Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania
Chairperson Drew Bingaman[1]
Senate leader None
House leader None
Founded 1971
Headquarters 3915 Union Deposit Road, Box#223 Harrisburg, PA 17109
Ideology Libertarianism
Constitutional democracy
Fiscal conservatism
Limited government
Market liberalism
Social tolerance
National affiliation Libertarian Party
Colors A dark shade of grey or blue; golden yellow

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is the Pennsylvania affiliate of the Libertarian Party. The state chair is Drew Bingaman of the Susquehanna Valley Libertarian Party.

Party platform[edit]


Elected officeholders[3][edit]

  • Rochelle Etzel — Assessor, Ashland Township
  • Ebert Beeman — Auditor, Waterford Township (Erie)
  • Barry Dively — Auditor, Silver Spring Township (Cumberland)
  • Jim Frymer — Auditor, Sugarcreek Borough (Venango)
  • Ron Goodman — Auditor, North Middleton Township (Cumberland)
  • Willie Harmon — Auditor, Pennbrook (Dauphin)
  • Doug Keegan — Auditor, Silver Spring Township (Cumberland)
  • Tom Martin — Auditor, Huston Township (Centre)
  • Terry Monn — Auditor, Monroe Township (Cumberland)
  • Greg R. Perry — Auditor, Rome Township (Bradford)
  • Matthew Schutter — Auditor, Penn Forest Township (Carbon)
  • Karen Simons — Auditor, Silver Spring Township (Cumberland)
  • Jason Aucker - Auditor, Spring Township (Snyder)
  • Derek P. Zona — Auditor, Marion Township (Beaver)
  • Mary Lea Lucas — Borough Council, Strattenville Borough (Clarion)
  • Erik Viker — Borough Council, Selinsgrove Borough (Snyder)
  • Berlie Etzel — Constable, Ashland Township (Clarion)
  • James Joy — Constable, Jackson Township (Mercer)
  • Charles Knepper — Constable, Hamiltonban Township (Adams)
  • Vance Mays — Constable, Sugarcreek (Venango)
  • Patricia Arndt — Inspector of Elections, Swissvale 2 (Allegheny)
  • Brian Bergman — Inspector of Elections, Wilkes Barre 1-1 (Luzerne)
  • John Goddard — Inspector of Elections, Precinct 05-03 (Cumberland)
  • Cheryl Gordon — Inspector of Elections, (Dauphin)
  • Brandon Magoon — Inspector of Elections, Precinct 1-6-17 (Erie)
  • Julie Perry — Inspector of Elections, Rome Township (Bradford)
  • William Shirk — Inspector of Elections, West Mifflin 9 (Allegheny)
  • Willie Harmon — Judge of Elections, (Dauphin)
  • Nicholas Hillman — Judge of Elections, Warminster District 4 (Bucks)
  • Dominic Hughes — Minority Inspector of Elections, Warminster District 4 (Bucks)
  • Obie Mild — Judge of Elections, Norristown 2-2 (Montgomery)
  • Joe Scinta — Judge of Elections, Hampden TWP 4 (Cumberland)
  • Betsy Summers — Judge of Elections, Wilkes Barre 6-1 (Luzerne)
  • David Moser — School Board, York City (York)
  • Ray Ondrusek — School Board, Eastern Lebanon County (Lebanon)
  • Michael Decker — Township Supervisor, Halifax Township (Dauphin)
  • Michael Robertson — Township Supervisor, Licking Township (Clarion)
  • Mark Wicks — Township Supervisor, Upper Tulpehocken Township (Berks)
  • Adam M. Tomaino — Majority Inspector of Elections, Murrysville-Manordale (Westmoreland)
  • Drew G. Bingaman -- Constable, City of Sunbury, 6th Ward

Congressional and Gubernatorial Candidates[edit]

Ken Krawchuk[edit]

IT consultant Ken Krawchuk ran in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 1998 and in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 2002, advocating separation of society and government.[4] He is also running in the Pennsylvania gubernatorial election, 2018.[5]

Chuck Moulton[edit]

Economist Chuck Moulton ran in Pennsylvania's 13th congressional district in 2004 on an antiwar platform,[6] winning about 3,800 votes,[7] or 1.3 percent of the vote. Moulton served as state chair of the LPPA in 2006, chair of the Libertarian Party of Virginia from 2012 to 2014, and vice chair of the national LP during the 2006–2008 term. Moulton also served as chair of the bylaws committee at the 2014 Libertarian National Convention.[8] Moulton currently chairs the national LP's judicial committee.[9]

Edward Clifford[edit]

In 2016, accountant Edward Clifford III ran in the United States Senate election in Pennsylvania, 2016. His platform included deregulation, foreign noninterventionism, and closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.[10][11] He gathered over 200,000 vote, nearly 4% of the vote.

Shawn House[edit]

Hemp manufacturer Shawn Patrick House ran in Pennsylvania's 16th congressional district in 2016, saying, "My number one thing is we need to repeal the restrictions prohibiting farmers from growing cannabis hemp." He criticized his opponents for focusing too much on illegal immigration rather than other important issues.[12] House was also elected chair of the LPPA that year.[13]

Dale Kerns[edit]

In 2017, electrical contractor estimator Dale Kerns announced his run in the United States Senate election in Pennsylvania, 2018. He said that he was motivated to run because of seeing firsthand "the negative impact that the criminalization of addiction had on families and homes."[14]


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