Liberty Games

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Liberty Games
Trading Entity
Industry Games Room Retail
Founded Surbiton, UK (2004)
Headquarters Epsom, UK
Parent Majestic Leisure

Liberty Games is a UK-based retailer, distributor and designer of games room equipment located in Epsom, England. The company was first founded in 1989 as "Liberty Leisure", renting out equipment to various establishments in England. In 2001, it switched to manufacturing gaming products and changed to its current name after Liberty Leisure was sold.[1] It is now incorporated under the name of Majestic Leisure Ltd.

Their products include arcade games, pool tables, snooker tables, table tennis tables, jukeboxes, pinball machines, retro gaming, air hockey, dartboards, casino tables, outdoor products, driving simulators, slot machines, football tables, and various novelty game products, including multi-game tables, football coffee tables, LED pool tables. They also manufacture retro products, including old-fashioned jukeboxes and old-school arcade machines.[2] Liberty Games products are often found in liquor stores, supermarkets, and restaurants around the UK. Liberty Games is currently the biggest amusement purveyor in the UK market.

Liberty Games are notable in their creation of the world's first Bitcoin accepting pool table [3] and arcade machine [4] - both world firsts.

They are also notable in their creation of an Internet meme themed pinball machine entitled 'Meme Ball',[5] again utilizing the Raspberry Pi.

Liberty Games also holds the UK distribution rights to the Novotable[6] as well as the Offside Football Table[7]

Liberty Games have supplied products to various television shows for use in production, such as Big Brother UK and Saturday Kitchen.

In November 2010 Liberty Games released the Frontier Customisable Arcade Machine, a retro arcade machine configurable online. It was listed in The Guardian's "Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gamers".[8]

Liberty Games are official sponsors of the British Foosball Association for 2012/2013.[9]


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