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Coordinates: 40°02′37″N 111°45′10″W / 40.043655°N 111.752853°W / 40.043655; -111.752853

Liberty Safe and Security Products Inc.
Industry Safe and Security Products, manufacture
Founded 1988
Founder Jay Crosby[1]
Headquarters Payson, Utah, United States
Key people
Jeff Talley, president and CEO[2]
Products safes, gun safes, home safes, commercial safes
Liberty Safes, National Security, Centurion
Owner Compass Diversified Holdings
(acquired in 2010[3])

Liberty Safe and Security Products, Inc. ("Liberty Safe") is a residential and commercial safe manufacturer located in Payson, Utah, United States.[4]


Liberty Safe was founded in 1988. They started building safes in rental storage units making a few safes a day and have grown to now operate on a 23-acre (93,000 m2), 205,000-square-foot (19,000 m2) facility in Payson, Utah, producing more than 320 safes a day. As of 2011, they claim to have sold over 1.3 million safes during this first 23 years of operation.[5] Liberty Safe employs about 500 people.[6]

Liberty Safe manufactures and markets gun safes (for gun safety), home safes, commercial safes (including depository safes), fire safes and related accessories. Liberty Safe manufactures and sells products having the Liberty Safe, National Security, Centurion and Freedom Security[7] brands. Other private label brands include Cabela's,[8] Remington,[9] and John Deere.[2][10] The larger capacity safes ( 20 cubic feet (570 L) and above) are made in their Payson, Utah USA facility, while some of the more compact safes are made in China or Korea. Liberty Safes are tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), achieving UL certification and given Residential Security Container (RSC) certifications by UL.[11]

Liberty Safe offers a free transferable lifetime warranty on their UL rated safes that includes replacement of the safe in case of fire, or attempted break in.[12][13]

Liberty Safe products are sold through independent dealers and retailers throughout the United States and other countries including Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Iceland, Kazakhstan, and Norway.[14] These dealers range from full service safe dealerships to locksmiths, home improvement, sporting goods, farm equipment, and other various retailers and businesses.[4][15][16]

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